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Carpet Tile: Your Commercial Office Flooring Solution

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When it comes time to decorate your office, the wide array of options can be daunting. Deciding how to cover the floor is a particularly significant decision to make, but using carpet tiles can help make it easy. There are many advantages to installing carpet tiles instead of traditional carpet rolls. After all, carpet rolls are heavy to carry and hard to install, and they leave little room for change: Should you need to reinstall new carpet in the future, taking the entire roll off and getting a new one can be a huge headache. Carpet tiles, however, are quicker and easier to install and are much more versatile, making them a great option for large offices.

Advantages of Installing Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles are a smart choice for large offices for multiple reasons. The installation process is quite simple, the tiles are sturdy, and the materials required are inexpensive. You’ll also have choices, including partial coverage or full coverage. The tiles can fit almost any room or office seamlessly as well. Each tile is placed individually, so there’s plenty of room to modify as needed around oddly shaped objects or corners. Carpet tiles can also be very stylish and fit even the most chic office.


installing carpet tiles

Sonora Modular Carpet Tile – Euro Collection SKU: 10107339

Another great advantage of installing carpet tiles in your office is how durable they are. They’re designed for high-traffic areas, so they can take hundreds of people walking on them each day without wearing down. Moreover, these low-profile carpet tiles are comfortable to walk on and can be cleaned very easily. They’re also very easy to maintain, with most just needing a simple vacuum run over them every day, depending on the amount of traffic they see. There’s no need for expensive carpet treatments with these tiles.

When it’s time to replace the tiles, there’s no need to stress about it. With traditional carpet, you need to take out the entire roll. With tiles, it couldn’t be easier to switch them out for new ones. This is especially helpful if something were to spill on the tiles. There’s no need to waste time and money replacing such small parts of a carpet. It’s also a lot easier to match individual tiles when replacing them.

Ease of Installation

No heavy machines or lifting are required to install carpet tiles. You don’t even need a carpet knife, which can be dangerous when working with thick carpet. Installation of some tiles is as simple as peeling and sticking them where you want. Each tile goes on individually, so you can easily change the pattern to suit your tastes. While it’s always good to have a plan and measure out how many tiles you’ll need, it’s easier to work with odd-shaped rooms when you can modify each tile to fit perfectly. The room will look seamless in no time.

Installing carpet tiles is noninvasive, for the tiles use a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Better still, the glue never fully hardens, making the tiles easy to take off if you need to. And the process is very simple: The protective coverings are removed to expose the adhesive part. The tile is placed on the desired location on the floor. Then pressure is put on it to make it stick. The vinyl backing stays bonded to the fabric that lies on top of the tile. An arrow on the back of the tile shows you which direction to place it.


installing carpet tiles

Because you put each tile on individually, there’s no reason to stick to one pattern for the entire carpet. Here’s where you can be creative, mixing and matching as you please to brighten the office up even more. You might prefer one pattern of carpet tiles by the desk area but prefer another in the hallways. Another option for highly trafficked areas, such as hallways, is to install a darker color that won’t show dirt and will always look clean. If you get tired of the pattern years down the road, you can easily change it out for a different one.

Options for Coverage

There are two different ways to arrange carpet tiles — you can choose full coverage or just partial coverage. Full coverage consists of carpet tiles spread wall to wall, like a traditional carpet roll offers. The advantage is that you get a consistent look while not having to worry about measuring and cutting a roll of carpet when you get toward the edge of the room. Just choose the tiles that fit best toward the edge, and adjust as necessary. Each tile fits well next to each other, so you won’t even be able to tell that they’re individual squares.

installing carpet tiles

Full Coverage Design with Mohawk Flooring Carpet Tiles – Prague Collection 24″ x 24″

Another option for installing carpet tiles is partial coverage. Depending on your office, it might not make sense to carpet the entire floor. You could choose to put carpet tiles down in the offices for a nice, clean look and leave the hallways and kitchen hardwood floors. Area rugs can also be created out of carefully placed tiles. Place a dozen or so tiles together around areas where chairs are so that the chairs don’t scratch the floor. This creates a modern look while still protecting the floor, and it makes the office look stylish yet practical.

installing carpet tiles

Partial Coverage “Area Rug” Design

Overall, carpet tiles have many advantages over traditional carpet rolls. They’re much more versatile, allowing you to choose different patterns if you want so that you can add some color to brighten up a room. Tiles are also simple to install, for you place each one individually. Better still, they’re easy to maintain, and they’re durable — so they’ll last for years on end before you need to replace them. And you have options, too: You can also choose to line an entire room with tiles or just parts of the room, the better to accentuate specific areas. Your options are endless when decorating with carpet tiles.








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