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Carpet Tile Solutions For Great Home Design

Have you ever considered carpet tile for your home, instead of traditional carpeting? Here’s some ideas about why and how you can use this practical and flexible material.


I remember when my mother changed the carpet in my childhood bedroom. She had to go to the carpet store, choose a style, and then get a big, heavy roll of carpet to carry to the car, and then in the house and to my room. It was impractical, and it took months for her to find the energy to actually pull off the old carpet and install the new one.

Carpet is often something we choose for its neutrality (will it fit with whatever colors we choose for the room?) and for its ability to sustain heavy traffic. Not often do we consider the choice and placement of carpet as a design asset. But what if you could have something more practical, modular and easy to install? Have you ever considered carpet tile as an option, instead of traditional carpeting?

The benefits of carpet tile

Sonora Modular Carpet Tile - Euro Collection Sahara

Sonora Modular Carpet Tile from the Euro Collection at BuildDirect. Here, carpet tile has been installed in a commercial application; actually, a hospital. It is designed to be durable as well as attractive.

But first, just in case you don’t know about carpet tile, let’s talk about its benefits.

Carpet tile is stylish. If you worry about the design quality of carpet tile, you shouldn’t: they are just as stylish as regular carpet–even more so. The advantage is that you can arrange the tiles in any way you like, which means more style possibilities. You can even mix and match two different carpet tiles, if you so wish!

Carpet tile is flexible. You’re not bound by the giant-square-required measures of traditional carpeting. Carpet tile is just like wall or floor tile: you can cover as much or as little as you want. You can combine it with other types of flooring or, as I mention above, other carpet tiles.

Carpet tile is easy to install. You don’t need to do heavy lifting or use a carpet knife. Depending on the type of tile, you might just need to peel and stick. And because you install it one tile at a time, it’s easily modified to your actual space realities.

Carpet tile is durable. Originally meant for commercial high-traffic areas, carpet tile will last for years in your home. You don’t need to worry about it fading for many, many long years.

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Carpet tile combination ideas

Carpet tile combinations for your home are only limited by your imagination–and, well, flooring possibilities, I guess. But here are a few ideas to get your mind started on some original designs for your own space.

In the entrance/hallway, you can set up carpet tile right against the front door and in the middle of the hallway, just like a running carpet would. Or, cover high-traffic areas and the area where you store your shoes (for the dirt) with carpet tile, which is easily vacuumed, and use another flooring type the rest of the entrance/hallway.

In the kitchen, carpet tile can be used under chairs and stools to avoid marks on your hardwood or tile floor. Figure out where the chair, table and/or stools will go, lay out the carpet tile, and voilà! No more damage to hard floors. If you want to keep a harmonious look, keep the carpet tile color close to that of the rest of your flooring.

For the living room, you can lay out carpet tile as you would an area rug–except carpet tile won’t move around, and dirt won’t accumulate under it. You can use it to mark different areas of the living room: lay out carpet tile in the media watching area for comfort and warmth, and set up a different kind of flooring for the quieter section of the space. Make it visually interesting by choosing contrasting styles and colors.

In your bedroom, carpet tile can provide a warm floor underfoot for those cold winter nights. Just lay out your path in and out of the bedroom in carpet tile so your feet won’t freeze when you visit the washroom on chilly January nights.

Infinite possibilities

What I love about carpet tile is its flexibility and ability to adapt to many situations. It’s especially helpful for non-standard space shapes, like sharp triangular corners or curved walls. You can combine hard flooring and carpet tile, or different colors and patterns of carpet tile together.

You can visually separate space using carpet tile, as you would with an area rug. The possibilities that carpet tiles open up are great for all kinds of designs!

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