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Janka hardness scale – your guide to hardwood flooring durability

The Janka hardness scale is a common reference for judging the hardness of each hardwood species. The scale is based on a test that presses a .444 inch steel ball into the tested hardwood species at a constant pressure. In the simplest terms, the measurement of the scale rating is in accordance with how deep the ball is embedded into the wood – the deeper the ball, the softer is the wood. Listed here are some of the more popular species of hardwood used in flooring that have been rated according to the Janka test.

  • American Black Cherry – 950
  • American Black Walnut – 1010
  • Yellow Birch – 1260
  • Red Oak – 1290
  • White Ash – 1320
  • White Oak – 1360
  • Hard Maple – 1450
  • Santos Mahogany – 2200
  • Brazilian Cherry – 2345
  • Brazilian Teak – 3540
  • Brazilian Walnut – 3680
  • Ebony – 3692

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