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Laminate Flooring Ideas: 19 Styles for Home Design

Laminate is one of the most versatile flooring options on the market. A budget-friendly alternative to hardwood, laminate has a wide range of colors, styles, and designs. There are seemingly limitless options, so it can be challenging to find the perfect look for your project.

These 19 ideas should give you some excellent inspiration:

19 Laminate Flooring Ideas for Stylish Home Design

1. Antique Pearl

Add elegance to living spaces with off-white laminate flooring. Featuring Lamton Laminate Antique Pearl SKU: 15263484

Try an embossed, glossy laminate in an off-white shade to add a luxurious elegance to any room. Antique pearl style laminate pairs perfectly with high-end décor and subdued contemporary design.

2. Barn Oak

Dark laminate flooring pairs well with dark and light décor. Featuring Lamton Laminate Defiant Collection Barn Oak SKU: 15271568

Barn oak resembles the wood found in barns. The knots, cracks, and deep rich brown mimic the look of real wood planks. These dark, wide planks add a timeless and comforting quality to farmhouse homes or other rustic and cozy design themes. 

3. Classic Oak

Classic laminate styles match any design. Featuring Lamton Laminate Water Resistant Defiant Collection Classic Oak SKU: 15271564

The look of classic oak laminate looks excellent in almost every design aesthetic. Pair it with contrasting dark furniture and decoration to make it really stand out. 

4. Odessa Grey

From dark to light, contrasting laminate planks bring intrigue to any space. Featuring Lamton Laminate Russia Collection Odessa Grey SKU: 10082137

The hand-scraped touches ranging from charcoal gray to white help elevate the wood grain appearance of these Odessa Grey planks. Each of these planks is one-of-a-kind, creating a truly unique space. You can use the contrasting shades of the laminate to elevate contrasting-colored designs. It fits nicely in modern and contemporary designs.

5. Refined Brass

Refined brass laminate floors look terrific with dark metals and black accents. Featuring Lamton Laminate Summa Collection Refined Brass SKU: 15263486

Cut marks, graining, and wood knots create the refined brass style that is embossed and made to look like real hardwood. Its interesting shade makes it a perfect match for edgy, industrial designs.

6. Bandsawn Laminate

Beautiful finishes and exotic grain patterns help elevate simple designs. Featuring Lamton Laminate Pearl Leather Collection Bandsawn Grigio SKU: 15170235

Bandsawn laminate has exquisite details that make it a top choice for those looking for an authentic hardwood look. This particular grain has a more traditional and unassuming appearance and pairs wonderfully with greenery and laid-back designs.

7. Roasted Hickory

Fine details and beveled edges make this laminate a beautiful addition to any home. Featuring Lamton Laminate -Handscraped Collection Roasted Hickory  SKU: 10078309

Warm, welcoming, and textured, this elegant and detailed laminate design is perfect for creating cozy dining rooms and inviting living spaces. It pairs wonderfully with other warm-toned furniture and decorations.

8. Ash Blonde

Add a dash of character to any room with this beautiful flooring option. Featuring Lamton Laminate Kansas Collection Ash Blonde SKU: 15224023

This classy, wide plank design looks excellent with modern and sophisticated design motifs. Pair it with metallics and whites to increase the refined aesthetic.

9. American Cherry

Pair neutral American Cherry laminate with bold colors. Featuring Lamton Laminate Narrow Board Collection American Cherry SKU: 10074931

This popular honey-colored laminate is a perfect choice to brighten any space. It doesn’t have any knots or cracks, giving it a smoother, cleaner appearance. 

10. White

Make a statement with white floors. Featuring Lamton Long Length Formosa Collection Easy White SKU: 15237236

White floors are sure to make an impact – especially when paired with complementary furniture and decoration. These wide, wood-grain embossed, white, laminate planks complete any contemporary room.

11. Wide Plank

Neutral tones are a safe bet for any room. Featuring Lamton 9″ Ultimate Width Water Resistant Collection Warm Sand SKU: 15239883

Wide plank laminate can add an immediate welcoming feeling to any room, and it does a superb job at mimicking a hardwood floor. Choose neutral color planks, like this warm sand design, for traditional and classic looks. 

12. Cement Gray

Cement gray is the perfect gray laminate flooring idea for people who love modern design. Featuring Lamton Laminate Phoenix Collection Cement Gray SKU: 15192056

Cement gray laminate’s low gloss, low fuss finish looks great with modern designs. Pair it with other shades of gray for the ultimate industrial feeling space.

13. Acacia

Acacia-style laminate floors are perfect for studies and dens.Featuring Lamton Laminate Modern Woodlands Collection Ambleside Acacia  SKU: 10100612

The rich honey color and deep brown accents of this laminate add an elegant finish to any room. It’s perfect for cozy and contemporary designs alike. Be sure to pair it with complementary colored furniture to maximize its appeal. 

14. Ebony

Be bold with black laminate floors. Featuring Lamton Laminate Exotic Wide Plank Collection Papua Ebony SKU: 10079693

Ebony laminate-styles are perfect for exotic and bold designs. They look best in artistic and contemporary spaces. It’s important to keep the walls and other features light and bright with dark floors; otherwise, you risk making the space feel smaller than it is.

15. Balinese Rosewood

You don’t have to worry about pets scratching up this durable laminate. Featuring Lamton Laminate Exotic Wide Plank Collection Balinese Rosewood SKU: 10079695

The grain pattern and hand-scraped surface of Balinese Rosewood mimic the look of exotic hardwoods. This elegant shade looks best in cozy dens and traditional studies. Pair it with leather furniture, ornate decoration, and antique design touches to really enhance its elegance. 

16. Sand Gray

Embossed to have the feel of real hardwood, this sand gray laminate is a perfect fit for any room. Featuring Lamton Laminate Kansas Collection Sand Gray SKU: 15192054

Light and bright gray floors are in style, and this sand gray-colored, French oak-styled laminate is a perfect choice to be on-trend. The unpretentious sophistication of this light wash laminate looks perfect paired with dark-colored furniture or accents. 

17. Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark chocolate flooring can make your light wall colors stand out. Featuring Lamton Laminate Phoenix Collection Dark Chocolate Brown SKU: 15192055

This dark chocolate brown laminate style mimics the look of French oak and adds a classy sophistication to any space. Many people pair dark woods with dark décor, but this dark chocolate brown also looks terrific contrasted with light and bold wall colors.

18. Canyon Oak

Neutral colored laminate floors are the perfect foundation for any room. Featuring Lamton Laminate Defiant Collection Canyon Oak SKU: 15271567

Neither white nor gray, this neutral laminate color falls somewhere in the middle. It mimics the look of real oak and lightens any space, making it a great addition to minimalistic and classy design motifs. 

19. Sandblasted Pine

Swap out fragile hardwood species for durable laminate alternatives. Featuring Lamton Laminate American Ingenuity Collection Sandblasted Pine SKU: 15270329

The warm look of this faux pine laminate is enough to cozy up any space. Actual pine wood floors ding and dent easily, but this laminate version is durable with the same rustic look as the real thing. 

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