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Harlequin Patterned Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is timeless, playing a part in great design and home decor over the decades and centuries. Often, wood flooring is looked upon as a rustic, down-home texture. At other times, wood floors are refined and tailored surfaces, central to an atmosphere of sophistication.

But, what if you’re looking to diverge from both of those looks? Well, how about using another classic interior design element to the mix to create something new?

One classic pattern in wood floor decor is the harlequin pattern, which is a design that is most closely associated with tile floors. Yet, as it turns out, a harlequin pattern on a wood floor becomes both traditional as well as forward-looking, out of the box design.

Take a look at some of these examples of a traditional surface like a wood floor that actually doesn’t seem that traditional, thanks to classic design patterns that create visual pop, and a sense of the whimsical .

Harlequin wood floor as a part of a traditional look

Here’s a harlequin pattern on a traditional wood flooring surface in a room that is otherwise stately and conservative. You can see how the harlequin pattern creates contrast, making the space a true conversation piece. You can see the slight wear on the painted sections of the floor, which give it an antique effect.

Palmetto Tree Bookcase eclectic hall

Harlequin wood flooring in the kitchen

Look at this modern-yet-classic use of the harlequin pattern in a kitchen. Again, this pattern is associated with tile. But, here it lends a kind of sepia-toned country kitchen effect, that still manages to keep one foot in the modern era.

victorian kitchen eclectic

Paraquet harlequin wood flooring

Where harlequin patterns on a wood floor is accomplished through staining and painting the floor’s surface, here’s an example of how the effect can be achieved using paraquet flooring.

New Construction - Bethany Beach, Del. contemporary bedroom

Subtle harlequin patterning on a wood floor

Sometimes, subtlety is the ticket. This is true even with the classic simplicity of harlequin patterning. The faded effect at work here still achieves the contrast for which the pattern is famous. But, it also doesn’t distract.

Classically Modern Kitchen traditional kitchen

Wood floors and harlequin patterning: a new classic combo

Interior designs where wood floors are concerned are evolving. And one way this is happening is through the imaginations of designers, taking classic surfaces and patterns and presenting them in new ways. No longer do wood floors have to be thought of in a limited range of design options.

If you’re looking to create a similar effect on your own wood flooring that you’re planning on purchasing new, check out warranties of the product you’re buying to make sure it’s suitable for what you have in mind. Also, make contact with professional designers who have experience in pattern staining or painting wood flooring to be sure to get the effects you’re after.

With some spark and imagination, tasteful spaces can take many forms using durable products that we’ve relied upon for generations. And some classic decorative motifs like harlequin patterning don’t hurt, either!

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