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Choosing 12 mm Laminate Flooring

One of the key elements in choosing laminate flooring is that of board thickness.  The reasons for this is simple enough.  First, a thicker floor adds an extra aspect of durability.  And second, a laminate floor on the thicker side feels more like a solid wood floor when you walk on it. And this is one of the aspects that people like you are investing in laminate flooring; it feels just like the real thing.

There are a number of standard thickness for laminate, and I thought I’d focus on one in particular today; 12 mm laminate flooring. I’ll talk about a few different thicknesses, and I’ll also zero in on some of the advantages a choice in 12mm laminate flooring can bring you in relation to each one.

Hopefully, this will allow you to put your purchase into perspective, no matter which choice in product you buy.

Laminate flooring is designed for choice.  This also extends to the area of board thickness, an important aspect when you’re looking to buy it.  You can invest in 6mm laminates, up to 15mm and even thicker.  Thinner boards are easier to cut when you’re performing your installation.  Thicker boards are closer to the feel of real hardwood underfoot.  But, I’d say that a good middle ground is 12mm laminate flooring.

The balance between this spectrum of ease of installation, and hardy walking experience, 12mm laminate flooring feels just like the real thing, and a floor surface that is DIY friendly, too.  Something to keep in mind when choosing a laminate product and in thinking about durability is to pay attention to the listed AC rating.  But, as far as thickness goes, 12 mm laminate flooring is a popular choice among homeowners and installers for that extra level of abrasion resistance.

And of course, choices in 12mm laminate flooring offer all of the colors and surface patterns that you’re looking for as well.  Ask your chosen vendor the usual questions when shopping, about warranty information and post-purchase support when it comes to any milling defects in your batch, and about ways to care for your new floors.

But, otherwise; enjoy your 12 mm laminate flooring!

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