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7 Reasons to Choose Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring

Remodeling the interior of your business is a big task and choosing the right flooring can be confusing. You want a vibrant look, and endless design possibilities as well as comfort and durability. What are your options?

Hardwood floors are beautiful but very expensive — especially if you have a large area of flooring to cover. Ceramic and porcelain tile is also a good option, but with a high installation cost it is a budget breaker as well. You’ve thought about roll vinyl but that doesn’t provide a dynamic presentation. Maybe it’s time you considered commercial vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl provides a realistic wood look with water-resistant benefits. Featuring Vesdura Vinyl Planks Monterey Collection in Capitola SKU: 15257621

Luxury vinyl plank flooring will give you hundreds of options in design, style and color, while offering superior comfort and a durable long-lasting finish that will make your new interior spaces a joy to work in. Today’s vinyl plank flooring can stand up to the heavy traffic associated with a commercial business while also providing superior protection against scratches and stains.

What is High Quality Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is manufactured in a good, better, and best quality like all other flooring products. The difference in all the grades is primarily found in the thickness of the plank and the depth of the wear layer and whether or not it is waterproof. Let’s consider the waterproof options.

All of the layers are man-made so the product is totally synthetic which makes it eco-friendly because there are no trees destroyed in the manufacturing process. There are four primary layers involved in making luxury vinyl tiles. The bottom is called the backing layer and this takes the place of the vapor barrier that is normally used with laminate flooring. The next layer is called the core or fill layer and if you have purchased a waterproof vinyl plank, this is what makes it water-proof. 

The layer on top of the core is called the film layer and this is basically a photo of whatever surface the vinyl plank is imitating such as wood, stone or metal. The very top is called the wear layer. It is transparent and is the primary surface that provides superior protection. The heavier the wear layer, the longer the floor will maintain its beauty and comfort. 

Many people think that thicker tile is better, and to a certain degree that is true. Luxury vinyl plank flooring will range from 2mm on the lower end to 8mm or more on the higher end. A thicker tile provides a more stable floor and provides a more comfortable walking surface, but the wear layer will determine how durable your floor is and how long it will last. For general commercial applications the ideal wear layer should be 12-28 mils. Some may find a wear layer heavier than 28 mils starts to blur the design film that it is protecting.

The available styles and textures of vinyl are constantly expanding and improving. Featuring Vesdura Vinyl Planks Elevation Collection in Ayer SKU: 15262455

Luxury vinyl plank flooring won’t be the right choice for industrial work areas or commercial kitchen environments, but high traffic areas like hospitals, retail spaces, and fine dining establishments present a perfect opportunity high quality, luxury vinyl plank flooring. 

All in all, high-quality luxury vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice for your commercial renovation project, and here’s why:

7 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring for Your Commercial Space

1. Scratch Resistance  

Most flooring options on the market today offer some level of scratch resistance. Ceramic and porcelain tile would seem to be the hardest but they can chip and crack, especially if a heavy object is dropped on them. Solid hardwood and engineered hardwoods offer the beauty of real wood but are more susceptible to scratches from sharp objects than other flooring options.

High quality vinyl plank flooring is manufactured with a heavy urethane-based wear layer that resists scratches, dents, and stains better than wood or ceramic. This quality is what makes vinyl plank an excellent choice for many commercial applications.

2. Waterproofing

Waterproof vinyl plank flooring can be submerged in water without damage, however, that doesn’t mean the subfloor beneath it becomes waterproof. If you have a flood, you should pay special attention to any residual moisture that might remain under the vinyl. In worst case scenarios, the flooring can be uninstalled while the subfloor dries out and then it can be reinstalled like new.

3. Aesthetics

A major selling point for using commercial grade vinyl plank flooring is the variety of looks that can be achieved. The photo film layer can duplicate almost any ceramic, wood, or stone flooring surface making it difficult to tell the difference between the tile and the real thing. Advances in technology have made it possible to texture the surface of the vinyl planks so that they feel like the actual product they are mimicking. A boring floor will not enhance the morale at your company, nor will it inspire customers to do business with you. Why settle for yellowing VCT tile or bland concrete when you can have the look of real wood, ceramic, porcelain or stone without the higher cost and maintenance?

 4. Low-Maintenance

Commercial vinyl plank flooring is extremely affordable to install and just as affordable to maintain. An occasional sweeping or damp mop is all that is needed to keep the floor looking like new. Since it is waterproof, you can install it in areas of high moisture content to limit possible water damage and the associated repair bills that go with it. The extra tough wear layer resists scratches, stains and spills better than most flooring options so you can focus your time running your business instead of maintaining your floors.

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for high-traffic areas. Featuring Vesdura Vinyl Planks Monterey Collection in Santa Cruz SKU: 15257623

5. Acoustic Performance

This is a facet of flooring that is not usually considered in a residential application, but for commercial projects — especially if there are multiple floors in the building, knowing how your floor covering transmits sound is important. In a hospital room where recovery is the goal, quiet floors are a plus. A high quality commercial vinyl plank flooring should have an IIC rating of at least 50 (the higher the number, the quieter the room), and a rating of 60+ is considered excellent soundproofing.

6. Cost

Installing commercial rated vinyl plank flooring is the most cost-effective way to give your space a new, upscale look without breaking the bank, and reap the benefits of a waterproof/water-resistant composite tile that offers superb durability, the texture of more expensive flooring, and the flexibility to install it on almost any subfloor. 

The average price of high quality LVT or LVP flooring starts below $3.00 square foot for material, and with professional installation can be as low as $6.00 a square foot, installed. Compare that to ceramic or porcelain tile which starts at about $13.50 per square foot, installed.

7. Installation

The industry standard for commercial flooring has been VCT (vinyl commercial tile) which is manufactured using pvc chips and formed into 12×12 inch squares. This product requires extensive setup to layout the floor in 12” rows and since an adhesive must be used to install the tile,care must be taken to avoid health issues related to the fumes that are emitted. Hardwood, ceramic tile, and porcelain are also flooring options that require professional installers to get the job done right. 

Is your budget too tight to hire someone? Luxury vinyl plank tiles can be installed by anyone with a modicum of skill. No expensive tools are required, no dangerous adhesives are needed and the planks are designed to click together and stay together for the life of the tile. You can have them installed by professionals but this is an excellent DIY project if you need to save money.

The Best Place to Buy Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring

Choosing a vinyl plank tile that will stand up to the heavy foot traffic experienced in a commercial application requires a seasoned flooring professional. Our customer service staff at BuildDirect.com knows luxury vinyl tile and will make recommendations that will fit your specifications and budget requirements. We are available from Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST) to answer your questions and keep your project moving forward.

BuildDirect.com has one of the largest flooring selections in the country — including waterproof LVT, hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate planks, and they are available in a variety of colors and patterns. We understand your need for quality flooring at affordable prices and we meet that need with regular sales events and clearance pricing throughout the year. If you are an installer, we have a PRO Rewards program that can help you build your business and increase your bottom line. Give us a call today to get your next project started on the right foot.

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