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The Best Flooring That Hides Dirt

flooring that hides dirt

From icky stains to everyday messes, dirt can wreak complete havoc on your floors. If you have a busy lifestyle and a full household, how can you choose the flooring that hides dirt to make your home look better? There are plenty of options available to you that will transform your home and keep that pesky appearance of dirt at bay. Read on to learn more about how to choose beautiful flooring that’s easier to keep clean while hiding the unsightly appearance of dirt.

Light vs. Dark Flooring

flooring that hides dirst

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At first glance, you might assume that dark flooring is the way to go when it comes to choosing flooring that hides dirt. However, dark-colored floors can show dirt in a totally different way. As dust builds up, you’ll definitely notice it start to accumulate much faster on a dark floor. On the other hand, extremely light flooring will put all those nasty stains and dirt on full display. So, what can you do? Your best option is to choose flooring that’s somewhere in the middle of the color spectrum.

A rich cherry wood or snap vinyl plank flooring in a medium tone is not only beautiful, but it’s also not too dark or too light. If you have a pet, consider the color of their fur. Dark fur will show a lot more on light floors, and light-colored fur will show a lot more on dark floors. Whenever possible, install flooring that complements your home but also doesn’t have too bold of a color. Rich espresso floors will make dust and fur pop out. Light walnut will likely show every single stain. When you meet in the middle, you’ll get beautiful flooring that hides dirt much more easily.

What About Finishes?

flooring that hides dirt

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If you have hardwood floors, you can choose from a variety of finishes to suit your needs. When it comes to the level of sheen, try a nice satin finish. This formula looks lovely in any type of home and it does a great job of showing a lot less dirt and scuff marks. If you prefer a glossy look, keep in mind that it will show a lot more dirt and dust as well as any other imperfections. Consider an engineered wood that’s been hand-scraped to give it dimension and depth. The scraped look gives the floor texture and helps to diminish the appearance of ugly dirt and dust buildup.

Various hardwood species will create different sheen levels as well, so pay attention to the type of wood flooring you have. A benefit of using satin finishes is that they provide a beautiful level of sheen without being too overbearing and reflectively shiny. Satin finishes are quite practical and easy to maintain, making it a wise option if you have kids or pets. Everything from chair scrapes to high heel marks is hidden well with a satin finish.

Choose Tile Flooring That Hides Dirt

To minimize the appearance of dirt on tile floors, try something with a fun pattern. The mixture of shapes and a variety of colors will distract the eye and make dirt a lot less visible. Have some fun and install two different colors of tile in a repeating pattern to help with the appearance of dirt. Choose a tile that features a natural look that mimics stone or marble. The grain in this tile is perfect at hiding excess dirt and it will allow you to maintain a luxurious look without the fuss.

Any type of flooring that has texture will do a fantastic job at keeping the appearance of dirt to a minimum. Of course, the grout you choose also plays a role in dirt distribution. Make sure your grout lines are as thin as possible and pick your color wisely. Light-colored grout will obviously soak up liquid like grape juice or other messes and make it extremely obvious. You can opt for a darker-colored grout that complements your chosen tile to create a nice aesthetic and lessen the appearance of ugly stains. Another alternative? Pick a grout that actually looks like dirt such as a warm brown or gray hue.

Keep Location in Mind

When you’re looking for flooring that hides dirt, the area of your home where it’s installed will play an important role in your decision. For example, if your home has a busy entryway, you’ll want to choose durable tile like porcelain or ceramic that features a nice dark tone. Luxury vinyl and cork are two other excellent choices that add a beautiful look while providing this busy area of the home with durability and reliability. You should consider the type of flooring in the kitchen and living room when determining how to hide dirt. These two rooms are some of the busiest in the home, and they’re the most prone to dealing with stains and dirt buildup.

On the other hand, rooms like your bedroom and bathroom might not need to be fussed over quite as much. If you have a master suite and want a luxurious look, selecting a light-colored, smooth floor should be perfectly fine. No matter what kind of flooring you choose and in what room, the key is to practice good maintenance. Clean your floors regularly and vacuum up excess dirt and dust whenever you can. Apply a high-quality sealant to flooring to help keep moisture and stains at bay. Scatter a few area rugs over places in the home where there’s a lot of activity. A combination of selecting the right flooring and using good cleaning habits will ensure that dirt stays hidden on your floors.

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