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Choosing Types of Flooring: For Those With Disabilities

The statistics of those in North America who have some kind of disability are significant. Of course, ‘disability’ is a problematic term, just because many who are challenged by them live perfectly happy and full  lives.  It’s just that their habits are different from those who don’t have those same challenges.

When choosing types of flooring for households that include the disabled, it’s really just a question of applying practicality against those habits, and lifestyles. In this respect, it’s the same exercise in choosing floors that’s in place in any household.  So, in this fourth and last installment of our series about choosing types of flooring, we take a look at a number of popular floor coverings to see which ones might be more suitable than others when addressing the important issue of accessibility.

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Types of Flooring For those with Disabilities

Types of Flooring For those with Disabilities

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