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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors: Why Do You Need Them?

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

When deciding on new or replacement flooring for your house, hardwood is one of the most popular choices with homeowners today. Instead of choosing the typical hardwood flooring that you’ll see in so many homes, you should opt for something more exceptional and exotic.

For an elegant and distinctive look throughout your rooms, Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors make a fabulous choice. From the wood’s interesting origin to its beauty, durability, and the value it adds to your property, you won’t find a better hardwood anywhere.

The Origin of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba – its actual name – comes from the rain forests in Latin America. Brazilian Cherry is a gorgeous and particularly hard type of wood that was a popular flooring choice in homes and commercial buildings during the early 2000s. However, this exotic hardwood, imported mainly from Brazil, is now slowly making a comeback and becoming popular with homeowners once again.

Despite its name, this cherry hardwood isn’t actually from the cherry family. Unknown by many, this wood is considered, in fact, a legume plant. The cherry name was given to the Jatoba wood to capitalize on its beautiful reddish hue.

Brazilian Cherry is one of the hardest known woods in the world today. The trees grow to a height of approximately 120 feet with a width of 2-4 feet. The trees’ large seed pods are often referred to as “Stinking Toes,” because of their shape and odor. Regardless of this unflattering name, the exotic wood of the Jatoba tree makes a gorgeous choice of flooring in almost any style of residential home.

The Unparalleled Beauty

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

The fiery red hue and rich grain of Brazilian Cherry wood will give your floors a stunning appearance that you won’t get with other types of hardwood. The wide planks that are typical with this flooring will make your rooms look stylish and spacious. When finished, the low-gloss sheen of the floors will create an unparalleled beauty that will put everyone in awe.

As these floors age, the color will darken to an even richer tone because of their sensitivity to light. If covered by rugs or furniture, those particular planks won’t darken as much. However, once exposed, those planks too will darken to match the rest of your flooring.

For homes with otherwise neutral décor, choosing Brazilian Cherry floors is an excellent way to introduce a color that will flow beautifully and elevate the overall appearance of your rooms. The expensive look of this wood will immediately strike everyone who enters your home.

The Color and Grain Variations

Mazama Hardwood – Jatoba Nature Collection / SKU: 15245213

Brazilian Cherry floors have a deeper color and a much more gorgeous look than most other types of hardwood floors. They also have several color variations, depending on the age of the wood and how much exposure it’s had to the light over time. The colors can range from a lovely salmon color to a deep red with dark gray or black striping. When installed, variations of these colors will be present in the planks, which add to the floor’s beauty.

The interlocking grain of Brazilian Cherry floors creates a mostly straight pattern that is quite eye-catching. Its smooth texture combined with a low-gloss finish gives the wood a soft, natural appearance. Because of their high-end style, these floors will look fabulous in contemporary as well as traditional homes.

The Durability

Mazama Hardwood – Jatoba Nature Collection / SKU: 10100380

When you select hardwood floors for your house, you’re going to want them to last and stay looking gorgeous for a long time. For high-traffic areas – which every home seems to have – Brazilian Cherry floors are one of the best choices for flooring that you can make. They’re more durable than standard hardwood floors, such as the varieties of oak flooring currently available, for example. Brazilian Cherry has a Janka rating of 2350, whereas red oak only has a Janka rating of 1290. The Janka is the standard used to determine the hardness of different wood. The higher the Janka rating is the harder the wood.

Because of this hardness, exotic Brazilian Cherry wood can withstand children running across it all day. This wood is also a great choice if you have pets because of its extreme durability. You won’t be troubled with as many dents and scratches, and the wood will last for many years.

Another great feature of this wood is that with proper installation liquids won’t seep between the planks as long as you wipe them up promptly. This advantage makes these floors quite resistant to water damage and thus even more durable – a significant benefit since spills are unavoidable. Such durability translates into convenience as well as value for your home.

The Value

Mazama Hardwood – Jatoba Nature Collection / SKU: 10099316

With these gorgeous Brazilian Cherry floors, if you decide that you want to sell your home in the future, you’ll be able to get a much better price for your property. Buyers always seek expensive-looking flooring first when in the market for a new home. The attractive cherry coloring and easy maintenance of these floors will become a real asset.

Having Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors installed is worth the investment due to the warmth and luxury the wood brings to your home. You’ll get genuine enjoyment out of the flooring while you live in your home, and you’ll gain a significant return for your investment when you sell. To please your family now and attract more high-end buyers to your property later, you should seriously consider Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring.

In summary, your flooring sets the tone for every room in your house. A fabulous-looking floor can make a dramatic statement and will elevate the appearance of your décor. When deciding on the type of flooring that’s best for your house, you should consider Brazilian Cherry flooring for a stunning, high-end look that will function well for your family and impress everyone with its striking beauty.

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