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Everything You Want to Know About Walnut Flooring

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Hardwood flooring has been a mainstay of high-end design for many years. Whether you’re designing a residential home from scratch, updating a single room in your home or renovating a commercial space, walnut hardwood flooring is a smart, durable choice you won’t regret.

Use this guide to learn more about installing walnut flooring in your space today.

The Walnut Tree’s Rich History

The walnut tree – also known as Juglans major – is one of the oldest tree varieties that we are aware of in modern society. Dating back to 7,000 BC, walnuts are also the oldest tree nut in recorded history.

Today, we continue to enjoy walnuts as a healthy source of food, even using it as a cooking and baking oil. Walnut is also commonly used for high-end furniture, wainscoting, wall paneling and unique items like guitars.

Walnut is also an extremely popular wood flooring choice in today’s market. Available in a range of looks, walnut can fit practically any type of home décor.

Different Types of Walnut Wood

Walnut is a diverse type of wood with lots of different looks. In fact, there are 21 species of walnut scattered throughout the world. In general, flooring manufacturers tend to use a few types of walnut for their products. Those include:

•   American walnut. Also known as Eastern black walnut, American black walnut or plain black walnut, this is a readily available type of wood in North America. This type of walnut tends to have a dark, rich color that’s truly elegant and sophisticated.

•   English or European walnut. Different than American walnut, English or European walnut has a lighter color with more honey tones. Hints of gray, cream, red and orange are also visible in many cuts of English walnut.

The Benefits of Walnut Floors

Walnut hardwood flooring has a variety of benefits when properly installed. Here are some of the top reasons to install walnut flooring in your space:

•   Walnut is relatively easy to maintain. While walnut does require cleaning and basic care like mopping with a quality wood-approved product, day-to-day maintenance of your walnut floors shouldn’t take a lot of time. Natural walnut can also be refinished with relative ease after years of serving in your space.

•   Walnut comes in a range of looks. From clean and bright to dark and dramatic, walnut can run the gamut and fit into just about any room design. We have a variety of colors and plank widths to choose from as well so you can tailor your floors to your design goals.

•   Walnut will add value to your home. used in a residential setting, walnut floors are a great way to improve the resale value of your home. Long viewed as a top-tier hardwood choice, walnut will wow guests, visitors and potential buyers. It’s long-term durability also provides peace of mind for you while you’re in your home and any buyer viewing your home down the road.

Engineered Walnut Wood Look Flooring

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Natural English or American walnut wood flooring is a sound investment for your space. You can get a similar look with engineered walnut wood look flooring however. This is often an ideal choice for homeowners and business owners on a budget.

Engineered flooring is also extra-durable and designed to be less prone to warping and damage due to things like water, sunlight and dents from furniture or foot traffic. However, it’s important to note that engineered flooring often can’t be refinished, which means replacing it when wear does occur.

In some cases, engineered wood can be sanded and stained once if it has a natural wood top layer, but this varies based on the material you choose.

Walnut Flooring FAQs

Need to know more about walnut flooring? Here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear all the time from our customers:

Q: Is walnut a good choice for flooring?

A: Walnut is an excellent choice for flooring in many spaces. With a 1010 Janka scale rating, American black walnut provides durability despite being one of the softer hardwoods. Walnut is renowned for its rich beauty, making it an ideal pick for spaces like dining rooms and formal living rooms as well.

Q: Is walnut better than oak?

A: Both walnut and oak are exceptional flooring materials. Walnut tends to have a different look than oak, and as the old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In general, walnut is more expensive than oak to buy.

Q: Does walnut scratch easily?

A: Walnut flooring can show scratches, scuffs and dents over time due to its relatively soft nature as a hardwood. Proper maintenance and cleaning will help keep your floors looking new.

Q: Is American walnut the same as black walnut?

A: Yes, American walnut and black walnut are terms that are typically used interchangeably. You’ll also see this wood called American black walnut on a regular basis.

Q: How do I clean a walnut floor?

A: Regular sweeping or dusting is all that’s needed for daily maintenance. Use a specialty wood cleaning product for deeper cleaning about once per week. Brands like Bona come highly recommended by most manufacturers.

Q: Can an American walnut floor be stained?

A: American walnut can be stained; however, it is relatively uncommon since the natural beauty of walnut is what draws many people to this special wood. Staining is more common when renovating older walnut floors.

Q: Is walnut harder than cherry?

A: Yes. Black walnut in particular has a Janka hardness scale rating of 1,010. Cherry has a rating of 950. Both are quality flooring materials with different appearances. Ready to install walnut hardwood flooring or engineered walnut look flooring in your home or place of business? Reach out to our trained representatives today to learn more about the different walnut flooring options we have available right now. Not sure what walnut floors will work for your space? We can send you a variety of free samples so you can see your options in your home or business.  

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