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10mm Laminate Flooring

Shaw Floors Stonegate 10mm Laminate Beach House  SKU: 15163956

Shaw Floors Stonegate 10mm Laminate Beach House SKU: 15163956

Laminate floors come in various thicknesses, and 10mm laminate flooring is a good median width. Here’s more on this subsection of reliable floor products.


If you are looking to replace some of the flooring in your home and love the feel of a real hardwood floor but can’t afford real wood, laminate flooring may be just the option for you. Laminate flooring is much more affordable than real wood flooring, and if you pick the right type it can look and feel almost like the real thing!

There are many different thicknesses of laminate flooring, but 10mm laminate flooring has some perks that other thicknesses don’t have. Here’s the down-low on 10mm laminate flooring.

Thickness Differences

The thickness of laminate flooring usually starts at about 6mm, and can run up to 15mm and more. The thicker your laminate flooring, the more it will look like real wood, generally speaking. However, a thinner board will be easier to cut into the sizes you need for your house.

Choosing something in the middle, such as 10mm laminate flooring, usually gives you the best of both worlds. You can still cut 10mm laminate flooring effectively, but the added thickness over something as thin as 6mm flooring means you’ll have a floor that is more durable and more closely resembles an actual wood floor. The thinnest laminate will likely be cheaper, but will not last for nearly as long as a thicker choice.

10mm laminate flooring thickness

Lamton Laminate – 10mm West Coast Collection “Hermosa Walnut” from BuildDirect.

Since you can’t refinish laminate, it’s important to pick a thickness that will provide you with the feel you want and at a level of durability that is warrantied for a reasonable amount of time. 10mm laminate flooring is a good middle ground between too thin and cheap and too thick and unnessarily expensive.


12mm laminate flooring is usually the thickest you can find in stores, and it can sometimes be difficult to find it, which is why 10mm laminate flooring is a perfect choice. This thickness is readily available.  Its popularity also makes it a good choice because most vendors will have a good selection of this size specifically because many consumers choose this option.

You may be able to pick between “oak,” “cherry,” and more! Additionally, you should be able to find a few different AC ratings for 10mm laminate flooring. The AC rating determines how well your flooring will stand up to traffic usage. A laminate flooring with a rating of AC1 is designed for light use, such as in a bedroom, while laminate with a rating of AC5 is made for very heavy traffic use, such as a large department store.

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Because 10mm laminate flooring is thinner than other options, it is easier to cut it to the size you need when you are installing your floor. Additionally, many varieties of laminate flooring are made so that you can click or snap them into place without having to use messy glue or a lot of nails.

10mm laminate flooring is available for as little as $1.29 per square foot, depending on the type you buy, so you’re sure to find something that will work for you regardless of your price range.


Buying new flooring can be a stressful task. Knowing that there are options like 10mm laminate flooring makes the task seem like less of a chore and more like an opportunity to make your home beautiful.


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[This post was updated in January, 2016]

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