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Laminate Floor Cleaner

New laminate flooring is an asset to any home, both for its beauty and its durability. To keep this flooring looking its best it is important to use appropriate laminate floor cleaning products. By using cleaning products that are approved for use on laminate, homeowners can ensure that their laminate floor will last a lifetime and always look as good as new.

Laminate flooring is constructed to look like hardwood. It is formed of layers of materials, from the water-resistant bottom layer to the hardened topcoat layer. To ensure the longevity of the laminate flooring homeowners should avoid cleaning products which can cause damage. Since water can damage laminate, these floors should never be mopped with a wet mop, nor should any water be allowed to stand on the surface. Laminate floors should never be waxed or polished. Abrasives can also scratch the surface of laminate floors, so homeowners should always wipe spills and stains up carefully with a soft cloth. It is also important that homeowners do not use soap-based products on laminate flooring.

Laminate floors should be cleaned regularly with a soft bristle broom that is used exclusively for this purpose. Do not bring a broom in from the garage or tool shed that has been used outdoors. This will only deposit more grit and dirt on the floor and cause scratches and other damage. Instead, keep a broom safely inside the house and dedicate its use solely to the laminate floors. This way sweeping will always result in the removal of foreign objects and no damage can be wrought on the topcoat layer. Homeowners who prefer to vacuum should use one that has special brush or bristle attachments meant to protect laminate and other types of hard flooring.

The laminate floor still needs to be further cleaned on a regular basis, but it is important to use only laminate floor cleaner that is formulated for these surfaces. Laminate floor cleaning products are available in home improvement stores, grocery stores, and specialty stores. Before purchasing any product, carefully review the packaging and labels to verify that it will truly be safe to use on laminate floors. Any product that does not particularly specify that it is safe to use on laminate flooring should be left on the shelf. Even labels on products that state the product is formulated for use on laminate floors should be read in detail. Different products will need to be applied using different methods, and homeowners will get the best results by following instructions to the letter.

Homeowners can also make their own laminate floor cleaner. This is not only an environmentally-friendly option, but it is very easy on the wallet as well. By mixing a solution of common household items, people whose homes have laminate floors can produce effective laminate floor cleaning products. Some people mix hot water with white vinegar, while others prefer hot water and rubbing alcohol. Lemon juice can also be a smart addition. With just these basic ingredients, anyone can formulate an ideal cleaner for laminate floors or nearly any other household surface. Apply the cleaner to the floor using a soft rag or mop that is only slightly dampened in the cleaning solution. Always wring out the cloth or mop carefully before applying it to the floor. Remember that excessive moisture can damage the laminate.

Homeowners should always familiarize themselves with the cleaning recommendations made by the manufacturer of the laminate flooring they purchased. By choosing laminate floor cleaning products carefully, or even formulating their own cleaner, homeowners can easily maintain laminate floors for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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