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Engineered Wood Flooring Planks As An Accent Wall

Midcentury Living Room by Carmel Architects & Building Designers Studio Schicketanz

If you’re looking to revitalize a space and make your own rules, wood flooring on walls is definitely one way to go. Here are some reasons that wood flooring on wall accents may be for you.
There are times, especially when we are close to nature, when we find ourselves in a space of such deeply rooted warmth, comfort and peace that it seems to defy description. You can bring the warmth of wood into your home with engineered flooring used creatively on your home’s accent walls.

Yes, it can create a bit of a hipster vibe, but you can also deliver a more traditional effect with the right materials. This subtle but wonderfully warm approach to interior design will add value as well as soft elegance to your home. Try these wall installation ideas to make your home look extraordinary with very little effort.

High technology, low impact

Engineered wood floors to maximize the yield of natural resources used so as to make the best possible use of them, this kind of flooring uses a real top layer for the boards, bolstered by a core layer that is similar to a laminate floor board. These boards are light, manageable, and natural,developed from hardwoods like oak, birch and maple.

This kind of flooring plank is not only an efficiently manufactured product, it’s also beautifully appropriate as a means to bring the best of nature into your home. Even though these wall options are made from a variety of species, all engineered wood planks allow for the organic grain patterns to stand out. This creates the kind of visual coziness that you want.

Rustic Bedroom by Lewis Center Interior Designers & Decorators Instyle Interiors

Install wood flooring on walls quickly and easily

It may seem a bit of an installation challenge, but putting up engineered planks on walls  is actually easier than it seems. The great thing about engineered hardwood flooring is that it is technologically innovative, which means that you can install planks on walls anywhere, even in areas where solid hardwood is not recommended. The best of these floors come with glueless instant-click installation systems which makes putting them up as simple and as fast as possible. although some adjustments need to be made for wall installation.

Contemporary Family Room by Eugene General Contractors Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

There’s no need for nails, either, although you’ll have to add some screws on the ends of the planks in order to secure them to drywall safely. You can easily snap the planks into place. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan ahead, though. You’ll want to put some thought into measuring, leveling, and adjusting, especially if you live in an older home and your walls are not exactly level.

Engineered flooring planks used as an accent wall also mean that you can get the effect you want without having to worry about the moisture levels and temperatures in your living space. This means that they’re perfect for walls. From backsplashes and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, to a living room wall, or as a textural contrast in the hallway, you can use these planks anywhere in your home.

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The wood flooring walls effect is luxurious

Sitting in a cozy group, drinking coffee around a fire, sharing conversation and simply reveling in being in the good company of others, you know that you feel warm and wonderful with the luxury of wood surrounding you in your home.

Engineered floors open up your design options and you can be creative as you want in applying them to your living space. Wood walls feature a modern and stylized look that will make your interior spaces feel finished and coordinated. You can use engineered flooring as a highlight in your home to accent a contemporary style with a rustic or whitewashed finish, or get the clean lines of natural engineered oak to add impact in a more traditional home.

Contemporary Bedroom by Portland Architects & Building Designers Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Wood creates a pattern in your home, but it’s so subtle that it blends into the background easily. Try light wood floors in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural sunlight, as they offer a crisp and engaging look. Look at dark oak options, which are enhanced to bring out a stronger grain appearance, as an option for more dramatic floors. An engineered floor’s surface texture is smooth, which ensures that your walls will look freshly installed even years after you have put them up.

Comfort of home

Where friends and family gather and share their time, where they put aside the stresses of the day, they want to feel the comfort of home. You can create this comfort easily with engineered wood flooring options installed on your walls. Try out this long-lasting and cozy approach to wall accents next time you want to make an impact in your home.



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