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5 Reasons to Buy Luxury Vinyl Plank & Luxury Vinyl Tile


Shaw Floors Vinyl Plank Flooring - Canyon Loop SKU: 15065310

Shaw Floors Vinyl Plank Flooring – Canyon Loop SKU: 15065310

Sometimes in a busy life, you need to get results fast.  But, you also want to have those results last a long time, too.  In the world of flooring, there are new technologies developing to help you get that balance.  A great example is the development of vinyl flooring.  Previously, I wrote about 3 easy flooring options out-of-the-box, and included vinyl tile in that line-up.  But here, let’s talk about this innovative flooring option in more detail.

Just to underscore a point, modern vinyl tile and planks are not to be confused with tacky, glue-down linoleum that sticks to your subfloor and is messy to remove later.  To back that up, and offer even more information about why you might want to consider luxury vinyl flooring as your out-of-the-box, here are 5 reasons to buy luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank.

So, without further ado, 5 of the best reasons to buy vinyl flooring are:

Shaw Floors Vinyl Plank Flooring - Canyon Loop SKU: 15065312

Shaw Floors Vinyl Plank Flooring – Canyon Loop SKU: 15065312

1. No Waiting

One of the things about quality flooring is that you often can’t take it out of its packaging and lay it on your floor right away. With  wood flooring, you’ve got to let it get used to it’s new environment, and let the boards acclimate.  With vinyl tile, you don’t have to wait.  You can start on transforming your space with vinyl tile right away.

2. No Experience Necessary

Luxury vinyl tile is made for the inexperienced installer.  You don’t need experience in laying out a floor.  You just have to know how to fit puzzle pieces together – really easy puzzle pieces at that.  If you need to make corrections as you go, you can reposition boards without fuss.  This is built right into how the boards are designed, with the inexperienced installer in mind.

Mohawk Flooring PROSPEROUS VINYL TILE SKU: 15205428

Mohawk Flooring Prosperous Vinyl Tile SKU: 15205428

3. No Seams

When you think puzzle pieces, maybe you’re thinking seams too.  But, don’t worry.  The ‘boards’ of the vinyl tile are designed to overlap one another to the point where you can’t see the joins at all.  This means an easily achieved continuous flooring surface that looks like it’s always been in your space.

4. No Mess

The best in luxury vinyl tile attaches to each board, and not directly to your subfloor.  This means no extra glue, and no mess.

5. No Tools

Well, you will need a utility knife to cut the vinyl strips to size, and a measuring tape.  But, you won’t need a full arsenal of power tools, which also makes for a relatively quiet installation, too.

Overall, vinyl tile is a quick way to get the effects your after, without engaging in a long period of transition between an old look and a new one.

If you’ve got any questions, let me know in the comments section!



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