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20 Trending Laminate Flooring Colors You’ll Love

Laminate flooring is the best go-to wood flooring alternative for home use with a continuously growing selection of wood looks and colors. Laminate wood-look flooring used to be a simple smattering of dull colors with little textural variation. Laminate flooring colors then transitioned to more variety, adding trendier shades. 

So, what has changed? Advancements in technology have taken current laminate flooring colors to another level. They now offer more refined gradients, realistic finishes, and textures that you can actually feel, making for a rich color palette that is broader yet more accurate in its aesthetics. 

There’s more! The range of wood-look laminate flooring colors is more than just a wide selection of products. It is a set of tools that allow you to design your space with not only a specific look in mind, but also a specific feel.

Laminate Flooring Colors

Take a look at these 20 trending laminate flooring colors to find the one (or two or three) that you can’t live without!

1. Barn Oak

As the name suggests, Barn Oak resembles reclaimed barn wood, with its oak knots and cracks embedded in a rich brown color that mimics the light and dark shades found in real wood planks. Paired with a mix of light and dark décor alongside some pops of color in soft goods, Barn Oak laminate flooring is the perfect color to create a warm space.  

Dark, wide plank flooring is timeless and comforting. Featuring Lamton Laminate Defiant Collection in Barn Oak SKU: 15271568

2. Canyon Oak

Canyon Oak cannot be classified as either a white or as a light gray. Considered a medium or neutral shade, this laminate floor color provides the best of both worlds; it brightens any space, and it mimics the characteristics of real oak with its veining and color variation from plank to plank. Canyon Oak sets the tone for a cool, neutral foundation, allowing for limitless design options.

Modern laminate can mimic real wood extremely well. Featuring Lamton Laminate Defiant Collection in Canyon Oa SKU: 15271567

3. Odessa Grey

Odessa Grey’s handscraped visuals combine with an ombré effect, moving from white to charcoal, to emphasize the wood grain patterns in each plank. A handscraped finish gives each plank a handcrafted appearance, making every plank seem as though it is one of a kind. Odessa Grey’s wide range of shading allows for mixing and matching light and dark décor to create a sophisticated and contemporary space.  

Variated coloring provides a unique look with lots of character. Featuring Lamton Laminate Russia Collection in Odessa Grey SKU: 10082137

4. Cement Gray

Cement Gray comes in a 6.7-inch wide plank that, combined with its rich coloration and low-gloss finish, is ideal for a roomy work space equipped with modern furniture and décor. Add a plant or two to give the space a biophilic touch and a bit of color.

Match your gray’s with this beautiful flooring option. Featuring Lamton Laminate Phoenix Collection in Cement Gray SKU: 15192056

5. Taupe

The ultra neutral, taupe has been setting the stage for every design palette for years. It, like grey, has evolved to produce refined shade variations and texturing. Ultra Taupe’s clean, neutral coloration offers a hint of gray, making it perfect for living and working spaces that could use brightening and opening up. 

Keep it classic with a neutral taupe color. Featuring Lamton Laminate Ultra Collection in Ultra Taupe SKU: 15057381

6. Savannah Cherry

Savannah Cherry is a popular laminate flooring color that is affordable but no less sophisticated in its appearance. The rich honey-brown blended with a warm, deeper brown creates a lavish aesthetic that is both inviting and comforting. The narrower planks make it perfect for small to medium spaces. To prevent overpowering the flooring’s robust colors, decorate with lighter furniture and pops of color in your accent pieces. 

Cherry flooring is an excellent option for warm interiors. Featuring Lamton Laminate Narrow Board Collection in Savannah Cherry SKU: 10074934

7. Refined Brass

Refined Brass has an embossed finish that replicates the look and feel of real hardwood. Each plank boasts “cut marks,” wood knots and graining, just like solid hardwood. Offset  the Refined Brass laminate flooring with white, metallic, and black accents to create a contemporary, edgy space. 

You’ll love the texture of this modern, embossed laminate. Lamton Laminate Summa Collection in Refined Brass SKU: 15263486

8. Warm Sand

At the other end of the spectrum from Sand Gray, Warm Sand is just that — warm and cozy. The low texture, low gloss finish blended with earthy browns is ideal for a distraction-free, soothing space. The super wide 9-inch planks allow for less seams, giving off a clean aesthetic. Use the laminate floor colors to dictate the design of the space. Consider using other neutrals to maintain the feel that the laminate wood floor colors provide. 

The combination of light and dark planks gives depth to this sitting room. Lamton 9″ Ultimate Width Water Resistant Collection in Warm Sand SKU: 15239883

9. Papua Ebony

Exotic hardwoods and dark colors, like ebony, come together to design unique spaces that are artistic in nature. Papua Ebony’s sophistication comes from its deep black color, subtle embossing, low-gloss finish, and hand scraping. Make sure there is a lot of natural light coming into the space so as to show off the laminate flooring color and be sure to use white or pale grey on the walls. 

Blacks are back in style, and ebony flooring is only becoming more popular. Featuring Lamton Laminate Exotic Wide Plank Collection in Papua Ebony SKU: 10079693 

10. Bridge Wood

Run your fingers over the grooves, knots, and wood grain in Bridge Wood to feel the unmatched realism. The embossed-in-register finish and dark color variation in this classic wood-look laminate work well in rooms with light finishes and furniture. 

One of the best benefits of laminate flooring is it’s moisture resistance. Featuring Lamton Laminate American Ingenuity Collection in Bridge Woo SKU: 15270331

11. Ultra Grey

Ultra Grey adds a modern touch to any space. The smooth texturing gently blended with the subtle variations in grey achieves a visual balance, making designing a space easy. Ultra Grey has certainly proven its timelessness; there is no fear it will trend out any time soon. 

More often than not, simple, timeless, neutral flooring is the way to go. Featuring Lamton Laminate Ultra Collection in Ultra Grey SKU: 15057379

12. Shipyard Oak

High variation laminate flooring is meant to look more natural, through not only color variation, but also through textural variation in each plank. A high variation spectrum exists, and Shipyard Oak lands somewhere in the middle. It is not too extreme, and not too subtle. The goal of this popular laminate flooring color is that no two wood planks look alike. 

The mix of colors in this laminate flooring is a great mix of elegance and distinction. Featuring Lamton Laminate American Ingenuity Collection in Shipyard Oak SKU: 15270335

13. Sandblasted Pine

Pine is inherently a soft wood and dents and dings more easily than other harder wood species. That’s not the case with Sandblasted Pine laminate flooring, however. This durable laminate flooring color mixes hints of blonde and warm brown that accommodate a range of looks from contemporary to rustic. 

The embossed and registered finish on this laminate flooring provides a unique and unmatched texture of natural hardwood. Featuring Lamton Laminate American Ingenuity Collection in Sandblasted Pine SKU: 15270329

14. Acacia

Blonde, honey, and drizzles of dark brown make up this elegant laminate flooring color. With such a wide range of color variation, Ambleside Acacia offers a level of design versatility that spans from rustic, to contemporary, to traditional. This rich blonde laminate flooring color is at home in a study or office space adorned with equally rich furniture and décor. 

Acacia-style laminate is a unique addition to any lived-in space. Lamton Laminate Modern Woodlands Collection in Ambleside Acacia SKU: 10100612

15. Harbour Dusk Oak

This top seller is another classic wood look with a high level embossed-in-register finish. Harbour Dusk Oak’s chocolate shades are tinged with medium browns and highlighted with wisps of blonde, making this robust laminate flooring color a perfect match for a modern color scheme and contemporary furniture. 

Dark brown flooring allows lighter elements of your interior design to pop. Featuring Lamton Laminate American Ingenuity Collection in Harbour Dusk Oak SKU: 15270332

16. Amber

This cozy laminate flooring color draws your eyes straight to the floor. Radiating comfort, Belitung Amber has distinctive grain patterns and a handscraped surface that  makes this exotic wood-look laminate perfect for both living and working spaces. 

Amber laminate flooring is a comforting addition that’s great for office or lounge areas. Featuring Lamton Laminate Exotic Collection in Belitung Amber SKU: 10079692

17. Township Oak

The mocha, brown, and chocolate shades found in Township Oak are responsible for accenting the different wood characteristics. This dark brown laminate flooring color remains popular year after year, but as flooring technology develops, the visuals become even more vibrant and realistic. 

Dark oak flooring is great for vintage industrial or farmhouse style homes. Featuring Lamton Laminate American Ingenuity Collection in Township Oak SKU: 15270330

18. American Cherry

Another popular laminate flooring color, American Cherry’s well-blended honey color shows off its wood grain to brighten and warm up any space. The absence of wood knots and cracks allows this smooth laminate flooring color to offer a clean look. This wood-look laminate flooring will accommodate any design taste. 

Neutral cherry flooring is great to pair with a colored accent wall. Featuring Lamton Laminate Narrow Board Collection in American Cherry SKU: 10074931

19. Platinum

There is something exceptional about platinum. It is not exactly white nor is it gray; it is some variation of both, with a metallic tint. Gilt Platinum makes use of all three in this unique laminate flooring color. Streaks of white fill in the embossed-in-register texturing that is punctuated by light gray while a darker grayish brown creates a metallic effect. Easily a contemporary contender, Gilt Platinum could be accented with modern furniture and décor. 

For high-class elegance and a unique silver motif, look no further than platinum flooring. Featuring Lamton Laminate Marquis Collection in Gilt Platinum SKU: 15272199

20. Harvest Chestnut

Wood grain, knots, and cracks accent this smoothly textured laminate flooring color, but they are balanced well with the surrounding shade of chestnut. Harvest Chestnut is a click-lock system much like many of the others listed here, but the seams pose as an attractive design feature in this particular laminate flooring color. The contrast between its even coloration and sharp seams makes Harvest Chestnut ideal for a range of vivid décor.

Click-lock flooring is easy, quick, and affordable to install. Some brave homeowners even attempt the installation themselves. Featuring Lamton Laminate Water Resistant Defiant Collection in Harvest Chestnut SKU: 15271566

How to Find the Best Laminate Flooring

The laminate flooring category is abuzz with changes, upgrades, and advancements, making it difficult to nail down the best laminate flooring. While these trends will most likely stick around (at least until you are ready for a change), you must decide first and foremost what sort of feel you want to create in your space. 

Take your home office, for instance. You could go in several different directions. Perhaps you want to create a cozy, warm space or maybe you want a cool, clean aesthetic. Either way, we have a laminate flooring color that will fit your needs and your space. 

Our BuildDirect pros can answer any of your questions concerning laminate flooring color, texture, durability, and affordability. Most importantly, they can advise you on the many ways in which you can incorporate any of these laminate flooring colors into your current decor or budget. Call us today and get advice from our experienced design professionals! 

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