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What’s Composite Decking & Why’s Everyone Talking About it? [An Infographic]

Composite decking, not unlike laminate flooring, has evolved greatly since it became a mainstream building material. Once considered something of an also-ran by early detractors, and compared unfavorably to wood decking , composite decking has emerged as a premium choice in a deck surface to be compared with no other when it comes to cost, low-maintenance, durability, and versatility in all kinds of climates.

A lot of thought, and manufacturing innovation has gone into composite deck products to meet consumer standards, one of those being a certain ‘green’ element, given that composite decks are derived from recycled materials.

For springtime, when the thought of buying materials for a new deck becomes a pretty common exercise,  I thought I’d present a summary that outlines the advantages of composite decking for you to consider, should you too be looking to invest in a new deck this season.

Here it is!

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Composite Decking

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