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5 Reasons To Buy Interlocking Deck Tiles

All Decked Out

As observed in a few posts on this blog, the relationship between interiors and exteriors is being recognized more and more in many regions of the world as being a bit less black and white than before. Extending your property from the inside out, and allowing for continuity from an indoor space to an outdoor space is now recognized as a great way to make the most of your property.

This is certainly true in the detached home, with a backyard that allows for a raised deck.  Many homeowners in temperate and warmer climates have gone as far as to add extensions to living areas and kitchens in outdoor spaces, including furniture and appliances which are common to these areas, but designed for outdoors.  The advantages are clear, when enjoying summer breezes while still having the creature comforts to hand.

But, what if you need a deck, and have no time,  have limited resources, or are not at liberty to implement a formal deck plan?

Enter interlocking deck tiles, a newer innovation in accessible, affordable, and highly practical decking product.  Here are 5 reasons to buy them, and to create the outdoor space that makes the most sense for your whole property, even if you’re a renter.

1. Interlocking deck tiles can be floated over a stable and flat surface
Not unlike an indoor floor, interlocking deck tiles can be floated over any existing flat surface.  This opens up all kinds of possibilities to spruce up an outdoor space without having to lay joists and anchors.

2. Interlocking deck tiles can be installed without tools
For the inexperienced, interlocking deck tiles are a great choice.  They’re easily snapped together, without mess, without fuss, and yes – without tools.

3. Interlocking deck tiles can be installed in rental, or temporary spaces
Because they are floated and snapped together, interlocking deck tiles can be put into and later be taken up in a rental property with ease.  For those who rent, it’s a great solution to the often stark and bare concrete which is often what you get in a balcony or outdoor patio.

4. Interlocking deck tiles are ready-to-use out of the box
You don’t need to cut interlocking deck tiles.  And you don’t need to acclimate them.  Just take them out of the box and install them.

5. Interlocking deck tiles don’t require finishing or staining
For those with busy lives, deck tiles are a great choice.  They are pre-finished and made to be resistant to the elements even before you lay them down.  When you install them, you’re ready to enjoy your new deck.

Overall, one of the main benefits of interlocking deck tiles is that are applicable to more than one type of residence.  For instance, apartment living doesn’t generally allow for a wood deck.  A lot of the time what you’re getting with this type of residence is a concrete balcony.  With deck tiles, you can float over that surface, and bring some visual warmth to that space.

Equally, if you’ve got a rooftop setting that you’re looking to spruce up, deck tiles are the perfect solution.  Patios and pool surrounds are two other examples of where deck tiles can be used.  With deck tiles, since they are portable, easy to install, and easily maintained, the options you’ve got for adding comfort to an outdoor space are many, even if you don’t have a traditional yard.



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