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Our Best Floors to Celebrate #WorldChocolateDay

world chocolate day

Did you know there’s a World Chocolate Day? Every summer, people give in and indulge their sweet tooth. They enjoy sweets of their choice, whether those sweets include candies, pies, ice cream, cookies, or brownies. Now, when you think of dessert, you probably don’t normally think of flooring. This article will have you looking at flooring options differently since the choices that appear below have colors and textures that resemble some of the most delectable and delicious desserts you can imagine.

Chocolate Malt Engineered Hardwood

world chocolate day

Jasper Engineered Hardwood – Handscraped Aspen Collection / SKU: 10080102

How many times have you heard people lament that they need something with chocolate to satisfy their sweet tooth? Who says you have to eat your dessert? Why not combine the two and consider enjoying a malt?

Found in the Jasper Handscraped Aspen Engineered Collection, the Chocolate Malt Engineered Hardwood uses aspen wood in 5-inch planks. However, this flooring option works best in an area that doesn’t receive heavy traffic.

These long-lasting floors feature 10 coats of finish alongside a seven-ply eucalyptus core construction. Its tongue-and-groove locking system offers seamless installation. The aspen floors come with a 25-year finish warranty as well as a lifetime structural warranty.

Chocolate Nature Collection

world chocolate day

Mazama Hardwood – Jatoba Nature Collection / SKU: 10099316

Found in the Mazama Hardwood Jatoba Nature Collection, the Chocolate Nature Collection has a deep chocolate color, reminiscent of a sumptuous brownie or chocolate pie. Constructed of hard and durable Brazilian cherry wood, also known as Jatoba, this exotic hardwood flooring option provides you with a rich color. For additional peace of mind, if you use these floors for residential purposes, the floors come with a 25-year finish warranty and lifetime structural warranty.

The planks have interlocking grain patterns alongside a medium texture to complement almost any space. The micro-bevel edges, also referred to as kissed edges, give you a more finished look. This type of edging helps if you lay flooring on surfaces that have small imperfections. To help further with installation, these planks can be installed using nails.

Dark Chocolate Engineered Hardwood


Jasper Engineered Hardwood – Handscraped Distressed Collection / SKU: 10071539

Part of the Jasper Engineered Handscraped Distressed Collection, the Dark Chocolate Engineered Hardwood floors have a deep and rich dark chocolate stain that resembles a delectable dark chocolate dessert. Its farmhouse-inspired rustic appearance gives plenty of character to your space, and its versatility and innovation make it a smart choice for almost any part of your house, even your basement. The tongue-and-groove locking edges make for simple installation since you can use glue, nails, floats, or staples to secure them.

Constructed of maple, the hardwood floors have tight graining patterns alongside a uniform texture. This construction lets you easily sand the floors to give them a stunning finish. This type of flooring is also a popular option due to its affordable and ultra-durable nature. These satin-finish floors also feature an enhanced surface protection as well as seven coats of aluminum oxide. The floors come with a lifetime structural and 25-year finish warranty.

Hazelnut European Oak

world chocolate day

Ellis European Oak / SKU: 15263159

Constructed of oak, one of the more popular choices for hardwood flooring, the Hazelnut European Oak floors resemble a scrumptious hazelnut dessert. You may conjure up images of something delicious flavored with a hazelnut spread and served alongside a steaming cup of hot coffee. The floors pair well with neutral or warm tones and can go in almost any space in your home. Each plank is 6 feet in length to give your space visual continuity.

Built to last, this flooring option has an eight-layer, scratch-resistant finish, a benefit if you have children and pets. Even if your kids, dogs, or cats scratch the floors, the floors come with a 25-year residential warranty. If you have the floors at your place of business, you can enjoy a three-year commercial warranty.

Honey Pine

Hestia Floors, Inc LVT – Honey Pine – Greenism Collection / SKU: 15205502

Some people may argue that white chocolate isn’t considered a type of chocolate. But don’t let that argument deter you from picking out stunning honey pine flooring that resembles this ivory-colored treat. Produced by Hestia Floors, a Honey Pine flooring comes from its parent company in China and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. As part of the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) line, the Honey Pine is found under the Greenery Division.

Made entirely waterproof, this flooring is also resistant to stains, scratches, scuffs, burns, and many household chemicals. An inexpensive and lightweight option, this option is also free of formaldehyde. With one of the better warranties found in the flooring market, the Honey Pine floors have a five-year commercial warranty and 50-year residential one.

Warm Caramel Planks

Armstrong Prime Harvest Oak Collection / Warm Caramel

Evoking the appearance of a warm chocolate chip cookie, just oozing with melted chocolate chips, you can find Warm Caramel planks made from premium-grade oak wood harvested in North America. This high-quality flooring option is part of the Armstrong Prime Harvest Collection, and you can easily nail down the 5-inch planks. The warm hue works well in almost any area, but imagine these floors transitioning from a kitchen into a dining room space. They would make for a smooth transition and stunning focal point. Since oak is one of the most durable flooring options, it remains resistant to warping, and you don’t need to worry about spilling items on it.

The entire collection has a micro-beveled edge and square end. The manufacturer also uses precision milling to create each plank, a feature which allows you to receive superior craftsmanship. In addition, the manufacturer offers a lifetime structural warranty and finish.

Who says you can’t celebrate National Dessert Day every day, especially when it comes to flooring? Whether you’re looking for softer hues that remind you of melted caramel atop a warm apple pie or a darker one that evokes the appearance of a double-chocolate brownie, the choices are endless. The toughest part may be determining which rooms you want to resemble the best types of desserts. Now if you wanted to celebrate by eating some dessert while standing on your new flooring, we’re certainly not going to stop you.

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