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How To Fight Allergies With Flooring

With the coming of a new season, and with the trees, flowers, and furry friends responding to it accordingly, it’s time for the mixed blessing of warmer weather. I say mixed, because many of us across the nation are facing the dreaded time of the year known as allergy season.

But, is there a way to combat the effects of allergies just by incorporating the right type of flooring in our homes? Here’s some  information on some popular types of floors that may help you to get through the rigors of the allergy season with a little bit of relief, just by helping you control the presence of allergens in your space, and improving the air quality by making it easier to clear spaces of things that cause allergies to begin with.

Take a look. If you’d like to see a larger version of the graphic, just click it to open it in a new window. Then, click it again to view it in full.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Have you recently replaced your flooring with one of the above? Did it make any difference to your allergy symptoms?

Let us know in the comments section, everyone!


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