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Emotional Interior Design: Using Purple

Purple is a royal color. It’s the color of creativity and lateral thinking. It’s for non-conformists and thought leaders. It’s powerful, and kind of risky too. Along with its close cousin violet, it’s also a color that promotes deep contemplation.

You can imagine that purple also has a range of effects on our emotions along these lines, mixing the passion of red with the sturdy reliability of blue. But, like any color in an interior design purple can be tempered with other colors to maximize its effects while also keeping its tendency to dominate in check.

What are some examples of this? Well, take a look below at this next installment of emotional interior design with color infographics.

Color_Psychology_Purple copy

Purple is powerful medicine.

It can be overwhelming as much as it can be inspiring, just because it is meant to stimulate your creative mind. It can be a big advantage to surround yourself with purple when you want to break from the norm, to see the world from a different perspective, or to evoke the spiritual side of life. But, it’s also a good idea to seek to temper it a bit, balancing it off with neutrals, or with restful tones of dark yellow, deep orange,  blue, and brown. Sometimes, it’s subtlety that makes the things of the spirit more effective anyway, right?

When you do take a more balanced approached when it comes to purple and to violet, you still get an effect that is about inspiration, creative impulses, and about thinking outside of tradition to push things further into mysterious, and wonderful territory. Spaces that incorporate purple are great places for thinking about possibilities, dreaming big, and making things happen as the Muse inspires you.

Home improvement products in the purple spectrum

Purple natural stone

Purple mosaic tile

Purple area rugs

How do you use purple?

How does purple factor into your spaces today?

What types of spaces do you think purple is at its most effective when seeking to strike an emotional chord?

Where have you seen purple used to excess?

Have you seen purple used in a way that was surprisingly effective?

Tell me all about it in the comments section of this post.



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