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Cleaning Laminate Floors

One of the major benefits of laminate floor is its durability. Laminate holds up well under many conditions and is resistant to stains, scratches, and dents. But its not indestructible. Taking proper care of your laminate floor will help to ensure that you’ll enjoy the beauty of your floor for many years. The good news is that cleaning and caring for laminate flooring is simple and easy. By following a few simple instructions, you’ll keep your floors looking brand new.

Daily cleaning of laminate floors is as simple as making sure that dirt isn’t left on the floor to scratch or dull the surface. Keeping dirt off the floor can easily be done simply by sweeping. A dry dust mop works great, but a standard broom can be used, as can a vacuum cleaner or hard floor sweeper. If you’re using a vacuum cleaner, make sure that it doesn’t have a beater bar, which can damage laminate flooring.

To remove dirt from between the planks of your flooring and along baseboards and in corners, use a vacuum cleaner attachment. It’s quick, easy, and completely safe for your floor.

Depending on how much your floors are walked on and how busy your household is, you’ll want to damp mop your laminate floors on a regular basis as well. Families with kids and pets will find they have to damp mop more often, you’ll know when it’s time to clean a little deeper by looking at your floors. Damp mopping is as simple as using a damp, not wet, mop to clean all areas of your floor. It’s important not to put water directly on laminate floor as excessive water can cause the flooring to expand. After you’ve used a damp mop to clean your floors, it’s wise to go over the entire floor again with a dry mop.

Most manufacturers of laminate flooring don’t suggest ever using any wax on their floor and many people keep their floors looking great with water alone. There are special products that can be used for deeper cleaning though; just check to see what product your floor’s manufacturer recommends. Vinegar can also be safely mixed with water for damp mopping laminate floors.

Some other tips for keeping your floors shiny and new looking include:

– Always use floor protectors underneath furniture to protect your flooring from accidental scratching or denting.

– Be sure to lift heavy furniture or use specially made furniture movers underneath it when rearranging or moving. Pulling furniture across floors can cause scratches if you don’t take care to protect your floor.

– Never use wax or cleaning products that are not recommended by your floor’s manufacturer. These products can damage the floor and dull the shine.

– Don’t try to sand or refinish your floors. Laminate floors aren’t made to be refinished like traditional hardwoods. If your floors become damaged, it’s best to consult with a professional to determine the best course of action.

– Be sure to wipe spills immediately, even if it’s only water. Liquids can cause the flooring to expand and while laminate is resistant to stains, colored liquids that are left uncleaned can cause the floor to stain.

– Instead of damp mopping frequently, try spot cleaning trouble areas with a damp rag or by using products recommended by the manufacturer. There’s often no need to mop the entire floor.

As you can see, caring for laminate floors is very easy. With a little time and attention, your floors will stay looking new for many years.

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