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What is Handscraped Wood Flooring?

Well, it is literally what you think it is. Handscraped wood flooring refers to any type of wood floor with a handscraped surface texture or effect. The handscraped effect is achieved when a grooved tool is dragged across the surface of each board.  This creates a series of broad, shallow grooves on the surface of the board that makes each one unique.  When it’s installed, handscraped hardwood flooring boards add real depth to a flooring surface, particularly in the way that the light hits it at different times of the day.  It’s a subtle effect, but a powerful one.

The effect is so popular, that even laminate flooring manufacturers have gotten on board. The process in making a ‘handscraped laminate floor’ is something of a misnomer.  You can’t really scrape a laminate floor and get a good effect, since it’s not a real wood surface.  But at the laminate factory, the board undergoes an extrusion process which creates the ‘handscraped’ effect.  And this is what the laminate floor consumer is buying – the effect.


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Handscraped bamboo floors, and engineered floors with handscraping are also popular choices.   Handscraped wood floors tend to take in the best of both worlds when it comes to flooring.  Visually speaking, you get a sort of clean orderliness with a wood floor. But, the handscraping adds a bit of visual variety to that orderliness.  It’s the balance between the two that handscraping tends to deliver.  And because each batch of handscraped wood flooring is unique, it’s a floor that you can call your own.

Hardwood Trend Makeover

I overheard a very interesting conversation between two of our sales guys a few days ago.  They were discussing a conversation one of them had with a customer about her hardwood flooring.  She’d ordered a variety of handscraped hardwood flooring, and she was wondering how many imperfections she could expect to see in each board.  The funny thing was, she was hoping for as many as possible! Our two guys had a laugh over how expectations of hardwood flooring has changed over the last few years.


A few years ago, consumers were after a pristine look in hardwood surfaces.  Their ideal situation would have been in seeing no imperfections, as opposed to hoping for a lot.   But,  these days more of our customers are looking for a more contoured look in a wood floor, and handscraped hardwood is a very popular choice to get that effect.





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