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Wood-Look Porcelain Tile vs. Wood Floors: Spot The Difference

Sessemo Trento Series Rectified Self-Leveling Wood Look Porcelain SKU: 15032461

Sessemo Trento Series Rectified Self-Leveling Wood Look Porcelain SKU: 15032461

If you’re in a tile vs wood flooring dilema, maybe you can have the best of both worlds with wood look porcelain. See if you can guess between hardwood vs tile surfaces in our quiz.


Tile vs wood flooring has become an easier question to answer now that so many varieties of wood look tile is so convincing. But the question is harder in some ways just because its so hard to tell the difference between hardwood vs tile these days with more attention to surface detail that goes into tile manufacturing.

Wood Look Porcelain Tile vs Wood Flooring

Porcelain tile that looks like wood flooring is so convincing it’s sometimes impossible to tell the difference. Think you know your stuff? Take the quiz below and see if you can spot the difference.


Tile vs hardwood floors is now about getting the (wood) look

How did you do on the quiz? Not as easy as you thought, maybe? Or did you ace it?

With the advent of high tech manufacturing techniques like digital imaging and ink-jet printing, the range of porcelain tile looks available is expanding rapidly. One of the top interior design trends that has resulted from these technologies is wood-look porcelain tile.

Browse wood grain porcelain tile.

Gaining steady traction over the past couple of years, these porcelain tiles are artfully crafted with patterns and textures that emulate just about any wood species out there in the natural world – mahogany, oak, birch, the list goes on.

Waterproof wood flooring?

Because of their incredibly realistic appearance and moisture proof properties, wood-look porcelain tiles are allowing homeowners and designers alike to achieve the look of authentic hardwood in just about any space they want.

Areas like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and shower stalls, which are otherwise off limits to lumber, can now showcase wood grain patterns and plank flooring designs. What’s more, porcelain tiles are easy to care for and can be used with underfloor heating systems.

tigerwood porcelain tile wood grain

Salerno Porcelain Tile – Hudson Series “Tigerwood” from BuildDirect

Wood-like tile

Just as the style options for wood flooring are vast, so too are the style options for wood-look porcelain tile. Whether you want a rustic reclaimed wood pattern, or a sleek and smooth appearance, you’re in luck.

To appear even more like real wood flooring, these tile are available in traditional hardwood flooring dimensions, which include long planks in both wide and narrow widths.  For more wood realism, it’s best to install the tiles with tight grout lines using a non-contrasting color.

A realistic wood tile floor

Since wood-look porcelain tiles are so realistically designed, it can be almost impossible to tell the different between tile and real wood surfaces. So if you want the look of wood flooring that’s moisture resistant and more affordable, then it sounds like wood-look porcelain tile could be for you.

How’d you do on the quiz? Let us know how you do in the comments section!

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