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Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

Lamton Laminate - 12mm Wide Board Collection - Underpad Attached

If you are remodeling your home the best decision you could make would be to use wide plank laminate flooring when you want beautiful hardwood floors. This material is reliable, easier to use and easier to install than other types. This makes DIY projects a breeze.

One thing you will love about wide plank laminate flooring is how attractive it is and everyday that you look at it, you will be happy with your choice. There are many different types of wide plank laminate flooring to choose from so you can have a different style for every room in your home.

Wide plank laminate flooring advantages

Wide plank laminate flooring is obviously wider than average wood laminate floors; you get that just from the name. By looking at it you can really see the wood grain in the floor. That’s one of the reasons that many installers and homeowners like to go with this style of floor.

It’s wider plank creates an expansive and continuous surface, more so than other products. If this is the effect you’re after, wide plank style floors may be what you’re looking for. Choosing the right style is important. When you get it right, it looks like the flooring you’ve chosen belongs in the space, as if it’s always been there. That is what is so great about there being so many types to choose from. You are sure to find something to match your space’s personality.

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wide plank laminate flooring

Lamton Laminate – 12mm Exotic Wide Plank Collection “Kashmir Walnut” from BuildDirect.

Finding the right style

Next, you will want to choose the type of wide plank laminate flooring to match your room. You need to find the ideal color. Consider the amount of light the room receives. If you want a bright look and a light filled room you may want to consider going with Oak since it is a light wood. However, if you prefer a darker color then you may want to go with a cherry wood pattern, or black walnut.

Flooring dealers are your best bet for finding wide plank laminate flooring. Here you will find plenty of options to choose from and there is always someone to assist you. To locate these places you can do a search for local businesses through Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This will give you the chance to compare prices on flooring and other materials. You can also see if any stores are offering specials or discounts.

Reflecting our personality and style

We want our homes to be beautiful. After all, they reflect our own personal style. Why not get wide plank flooring and let your own personal style shine through? It will add a little class and elegance to your home and make your neighbors jealous.

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