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5 Reasons To Buy Engineered Wood Flooring


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We’re pretty proud to be in the building materials industry, particularly in wood floors.  A big part of this is because even though the industry is arguably stuck in its ways in certain areas, the eye for innovation when it comes to meeting the needs of customers isn’t one of them.

In fact, wood flooring products in particular are constantly being tweaked and made to suit more and more applications.   The business of buying flooring is becoming easier and easier for the consumer.

So, with this in mind I’d like to talk about engineered flooring, a sub-category of wood flooring that I believe represents the kind of customer-focused innovation I’m talking about.  So, check out these 5 reasons to buy engineered wood flooring

1. Make Installation Easy
Engineered wood floors, particularly glueless click floors, are designed for you to install quickly, easily, and securely.  There’s no nailing.  And depending on your specific choice, no adhesion stage either. This allows a real wood surface, even if you’re not an experienced hardwood installer.

2. Offer Below Grade Installation Options
Engineered floors are designed to expand and contract according to environmental conditions, without affecting the look of the wood surface that renders the affect you’re after.  This means that installing them below grade, that is in a basement, is a completely viable option.  This opens up all kinds of possibilities for real wood flooring in areas where a solid board would be too risky.

3. Offer Floating Floor Applications
When installing on a slab, real wood floors were once non-option.  With engineered floors, this is no longer the case.  Engineered flooring gives you the look and feel of real wood without needing to nail it to a subfloor.

4. Present Select Radiant Heat Applications
Floor heating technology, and the development of a radiant heat-friendly engineered floor have dovetailed nicely for those who wish to install a wood floor over floor heating systems without fear of long term damage.  It should be said that not all engineered wood floors are suitable.  But, when you need the best of both, the option is there.

5. Are Relatively Lightweight
When your loading your purchase into your vehicle (and out again), or paying to have the product shipped, the advantages of a more lightweight product become clear.  The comparison here is to solid hardwood of course.  So, this advantage is perhaps more applicable to the DIYer, not the professional hardwood floor installer.  But, there again …

OK, engineered wood floor lovers.  What are some other advantages beyond these five?  Tell me all about it in the comments section.

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