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5 Hardwood Flooring Options To Match The Style Of Rooms

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Your flooring has a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Make sure it’s an asset to your design, not just an afterthought. Different styles of hardwood flooring complement certain interiors quite well. Use this guide to choose the perfect hardwood floor that’ll make your home decor pop.

Handscraped with urban industrial

If your decor is urban industrial, try installing a handscraped hardwood floor. Handscraped isn’t the glossy, flat hardwood flooring you’re probably used to. Instead, it has an old-style feel to it, harkening back to the days when all hardwood floor planks were cut by hand. Handscraped floors have a great texture that look sharp with your exposed pipes, brick accent walls, or industrial-style lighting.

Exotic wood with neo-Victorian

The Victorians loved imported items. The British Empire had colonies in India, China, Australia, and myriad more places, meaning the Victorians developed a taste for exotic items. Bring an exotic flavor into your Neo-Victorian interior design by picking a beautiful exotic wood for your floor. Acacia will bring you a wide spectrum of lights and darks in your floor, whereas Chocolate Jatoba is beautifully dark.

Bamboo with 21st century minimalism

If your home design centers on minimalism, you can’t do better than bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a fabulously sustainable plant because it regrows where you cut it. But besides the sturdy and sustainable nature of bamboo, it’s characteristic knuckle patterns and golden-to-caramel color spectrum is subtle, making it a great choice for a flooring surface that allows for the rest of the interior to breathe, design-wise.

As far as style, you can do a lot of things with bamboo.Get it distressed, handscraped, or stain it since it holds stain quite well. In this respect, bamboo can be applied to all kinds of interiors, no matter what the style.

Matte wood floors with rustic

An outdoorsy cabin in the woods interior design looks wonderful with a matte finished hardwood floor. Pine is a beautiful choice for flooring because it has tiny imperfections and the grain of the wood stands out. The knots in the wood will give even more character to your rustic decor. Go with a matte finish rather than a glossy one because a low-gloss wood floor looks and feels more natural.

Distressed with shabby chic

You love shabby chic, so you already adore that look of intentionally distressed wood, chipped paint, and rusting iron. To complement the awesome wrought iron accessories and refurbished Victorian furniture you probably have in your place, go with a distressed wood floor.

The serious and intentional imperfections, like nail holes, saw marks, and gouges, will go hand-in-hand with the shabby chic look. If most of your interior design features light colors, consider a darker wood for your distressed hardwood to really make those whites pop.

Lots of benefits, no matter what the style

Hardwood floors have been relied upon for centuries because they provide varied and naturally decorative surfaces, they’re easy to clean, and they add an upscale look to any space. Whether you’re redecorating a room or giving your home’s whole interior a facelift, you can match the perfect style of flooring to your unique interior decor. Check out some samples and start experimenting with what works best for you!


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