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15mm Laminate Flooring Comparable To Hardwood Flooring

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15mm laminate flooring provides a comparable walking experience to that of real wood floors. Here are some other advantages of this thicker floor product.


Wood laminate flooring has been popular for years, and is continuing to be the choice of homeowners for the cost, ease of installation, and the look of hardwood flooring and for durable, factory applied finishes. Laminate flooring is normally less than half the cost of a hardwood floor, and the factory applied finish creates durability unmatched by in home hardwood floor refinishing.

Many have preferred the soft feeling of many laminate wood flooring products. Others prefer the sturdier feel of a hardwood floor, as well as the solid sound a hardwood floor provides. If you are the latter, there is a laminate wood flooring product made just for you.

Thick laminate floors and their advantages

15mm Classic Collection - Roasted Espresso SKU: 15004113

15mm Classic Collection – Roasted Espresso SKU: 15004113

A 15mm laminate floor is twice as thick as many other laminate products, creating a stiffer flooring surface. At over ½” thick, it is the thickest laminate products on the market. The flooring is closer to the thickness of traditional hardwood floors.

This additional thickness provides more of the look and feel of a hardwood floor. It also provides the hardwood floor sound when walking on it. Due to the solid feel, close to that of hardwood, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference.

A wide variety of patterns, colors, and treatments

A thicker laminate floor provides the same long lasting finish of a laminate flooring product and the same ease of installation. It comes in a wide variety of finishes and textures to suit everyone’s tastes. The flooring is graded as residential-commercial, insuring a long lasting finish for home use. It can be installed above or below grade, making it ideal for basement and recreation rooms. It is built with a core of moisture resistant, high density fiber, making it more water resistant than hardwood flooring.

Installation remains the same as with other laminate wood flooring systems, with a simple, snap together boards. Laminates remain some of the easiest flooring systems to install, and the 15mm thickness does not change the ease of installing. Special tools are not required.

Compatible with radiant heat

Like other laminate products, a 15mm laminate flooring product is compatible with electric radiant heating systems, allowing you the opportunity to provide warm, continuous radiant heat to your room, along with the energy savings of these efficient heating systems. This makes a perfect heating system for basement rooms and poorly heated rooms.

If you are one who prefers the feel and sound of a hardwood floor, there is no longer a need to ignore the laminate wood flooring products available. The newer 14 mm flooring now provides you the look, feel and sound you have desired.

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