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Removing Scratches From Laminate Flooring

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Laminate floors are designed to resist abrasion and scratches. What happens when repairs are needed? Here’s how to handle removing scratches from laminate flooring and other repairs yourself.


Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular because of its sheer versatility. This particular type of flooring comes in a number of different styles and shades to suit the needs of anyone looking to replace the flooring in their home.

For many, laminate wood floors are the ideal choice since it gives off a rich feeling that closely resembles actual wood. Laminate also comes in a variety of other designs that are perfect for literally any room of the house. The beauty about laminate is not only its aesthetic appeal, but also its ease of use. Unlike wood and other flooring materials, laminate is extremely easy to install. Many homeowners will be familiar with the headache that comes with marble and wood flooring, however, laminate can give you the same look without the heavy installation and high pricing.

Notable durability

And believe it or not, laminate is also a lot more durable than other materials. It doesn’t scratch and scuff as easily as actual wood flooring. You also won’t have to worry about the floor fading from the harsh sun.

In most cases, you can really get what you paid for with laminate. And though it is generally durable, there are times that small scratches on the floor can appear. These are relatively easy to remove in order to regain the gorgeous appeal of the flooring. Those who are wondering about removing scratches from laminate flooring need only a few simple tools and a little time on their hands.

Laminate floor repair kit for scratches

If your laminate is showing signs of small or minor scratches, you may want to visit your local hardware store in order to pick up a laminate repair kit. These kits come in a variety of different shades to match your specific flooring.

It’s a good idea to bring an extra piece of your laminate to the store with you so that you can match the flooring exactly. Almost all of these repair kits on the market have very easy instructions so that you can fix and remove the scratches yourself. You shouldn’t need to hire a professional to repair the floors like many other materials require. The kits will include everything you need to successfully fix the scratches that can be found in your flooring. Your laminate will look fresh and new in no time.

Colored filling pencils and minor repairs

Another alternative to seeing to a laminate flooring scratch is by purchasing a special colored filling pencil. Many people will be familiar with these pencils for removing scratches in wood furniture. It may be pleasing to know that these same pencils can be used on laminate flooring.

As with the repair kits, there are a number of different colors to choose from. If you have dark laminate, you will want to purchase a dark pencil that matches the hue that your floors are in. To use a filling pencil, just clean the area and dry it. Use the pencil to fill in any dents or scratches. The color will adhere to the flooring and fill in any areas of scratches with the same color as the rest of the laminate board or plank.

How to replace a laminate flooring planks

If your laminate is extremely scratched and dented, you may want to replace the entire plank of flooring. This can be done easily if you have leftover planks from when you installed the laminate. If you do not have any leftover planks, you may need to purchase a new box of laminate.\

laminate floor plank replacement

Though this is generally more expensive than using leftover pieces, it’s always a good idea to have some extra flooring around in cases of extreme damage or scratching. The key to minimizing scratches is to prevent them entirely. As with anything, prevention is vital to having your floors look amazing at all times.

Ways to prevent floor abrasion

It’s a good idea to use welcome mats at the entrance of your home so that you and your guests can wipe their shoes before entering the home. Dirt on shoes can actually be ground into the laminate and cause surface scratching.

Many homeowners may even ask their guests to remove their shoes before walking all over the house to avoid creating a laminate flooring scratch. This preventative measure not only saves you valuable cleaning time, but it also ensures the integrity of the flooring around the home. And as with any other type of flooring, you should not move furniture around without using a dolly or padded protectors. Furniture is notorious for scratching the life out of any type of flooring, whether it be laminate, wood, or bamboo.

Many advantages to laminate floors

Laminate floors can be a perfect match to any home’s decor. Their versatility and sheer beauty is what makes them an ideal choice for the average homeowner. The fact that you will be saving money while also improving the look of your house are just a few reasons why this flooring may be perfect for you.

And since scratch removal is so easy, you will also be saving yourself time and money by repairing the floors yourself.

[This post was updated December 2015]

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