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Real Touch Premium Laminate Flooring from DuPont

DuPont is a diverse company celebrating over 200 years in business. Commencing in 1802, DuPont is known for its exploration into numerous industries from Health Care, Energy, and Agriculture to Plastics, Transportation, and Construction. DuPont takes pride in their development of top technological and industrial products due to a heightened dedication to science and research. DuPont claims that among the many diverse products and services they offer, each one stands for guaranteed quality. DuPont, while producing many materials for home construction, has grown as a popular brand choice for laminate flooring.

The DuPont brand of laminate flooring is called Real Touch Premium Laminate Flooring. This flooring is designed to have a look and feel very similar to a real hardwood floor. DuPont offers over 20 different color shades and styles of wood, slate, and stone texture laminates, incorporating various technologies that a customer can choose to apply based on the space being altered and consumer taste. Some examples include InterPlank Design, MicroBevel Technology, Multi-Direction Design, and Embossed-in-Register technology; these technological features allow a consumer to apply the exact degree of cosmetic realness that they wish to add to the look and feel of their laminate floor. Other technologies such as Joint Guard Glueless System and Comfort Underlayment cater to the underlying structure of the flooring to add quality and value based on the needs of the space being altered.

There are many reasons to opt for laminate flooring over real hardwood, depending on the needs of the consumer. Laminate floors offer an easy care, scratch and dent resistant quality that is suitable for consumers who desire the elegant, stylish appeal of hardwood floors without the maintenance and high cost. DuPont claims to have laminate floors strong enough to be deemed ‘pet friendly’; they are scratch resistant, very easy to clean, and built to outlast most damage that pets may bring to a hard surfaced floor.

Most laminate floors can even be installed through a do-it-yourself technique, to further reduce associated costs. DuPont offers self help services for those eager to take on a project such as this. DuPont backs their Real Touch Premium Laminate Flooring as a quality choice through a 50 year limited wear warranty; they also hold a certification for comprising air quality enhancing technology called Greenguard, yet another perk for pet owners. DuPont assures high performance and style in each of their laminate floor products and can be found exclusively at The Home Depot, at one of their 1,972 locations in the US, Canada, China, and Mexico.

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