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Parquet Flooring: Imagining The Possibilities

parquet flooring living room

Parquet flooring is a stalwart element to classic design. In the 21st century, parquet floors are making a return. Here’s the scoop on this stylish choice in wood flooring.


There was a time in my youth when parquet flooring was everywhere. Suddenly, it was gone, like most things people think have become “overdone.” And what a pity that is, because, recently, I’ve seen it in some character spaces and homes, and I’ve been reminded how much parquet can bring to a space.

You’d be forgiven if you thought, like I once did, that parquet was really a seventies style that ran amok until people put the kibosh on its omnipresence in the late ‘80s. But, like me, you’d be wrong.

Brief history of parquet flooring

Parquet, or parquetry, has been making places fancy since it was first used in the palace at Versailles back in 1684. That’s 330 years of making places look awesome.

Interestingly, the original reason parquet was used at the palace was because the marble floors that preceded it would require constant washing, and poor sealing led to the subfloor and joists frequently rotting. Enter the low-maintenance yet awesome-looking element of parquetry. What’s not to love?

Armstrong Windsor oak parquet flooring

Armstrong Windsor oak parquet flooring from BuildDirect. This flooring is domestically produced, with Armstrong being the only brand that does so.

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Graphic qualities

Unlike hardwood that comes in planks, which can be more challenging to conceive interesting installations for, parquet floor tiles have a graphic quality right out of the box. If you opt for the classic modernist mosaic parquet, where it’s a simple design comprised of narrow strips, it will give you great visual interest throughout your entire space.

There are more options than just the classic mosaic look, though. You can choose a fancier design smacking of elaborate Italian or French interiors, because, after all, this is stuff that was first invented for kings.


With parquet floor tile, you can create the look of individually installed wood (or bamboo in this case) very easily. This is “Salon”, a floating floor parquet style product that is perfect for borders and inlays.

How to use parquet floor tiles

From dark stains to honey-colored oak, parquet can be a warming tone or a dramatic accent to a light interior. Either way, thanks to the “tile” format, it makes parquet not only an easy installation, but also an easy repair should anything go awry in the years to come. Of course, you’ll need to order the customary 10% extra for misadventure and mistakes.

Parquet floor tiles, when you’re really wanting to get creative, can be mixed and matched to generate a ton of visual interest. Consider, for instance, our new Islander collection of decorative parquet. At 15 ¾”, they can provide a dramatic border to regular mosaic parquet or even plank hardwood. With classic designs and modern stylings too, they all offer a wooden accent that can really redefine your space.

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Parquet floor layout possibilities

I can imagine some of that Islander tiles (of which one is handily modelled after Versailles) being a striking way to break up flooring in open floor plans or make for unique thresholds between two spaces, or even used on the wall as a dramatic visual feature wall in a bold room where conversation is the end game.

renaissance bamboo parquet flooring

This is engineered bamboo parquet flooring. It’s designed to create transitions and borders. But, how would you use it?

Parquet flooring, whether you’re thinking of the simpler strip-square style of “classic mosaic” or the funkier newer options, it’s just as hardy, durable, and long lasting as most hardwood flooring options. Just look at homes that are 70, 80, or even 100 years old where parquet is going strong.

Which parquet floor would you choose?

Today’s parquet combines modern engineering with old-school stylings to bring you a flooring that’ll make a statement while protecting your floors for decades to come. With more finishes, patterns, and sizes available than ever before, it’ll be easy for you to find a parquet flooring that’s perfect for your space.

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