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How To Restore Your Hardwood Floor: An Infographic

Hardwood flooring is an undeniable asset to a property. Here’s an infographic to serve as a guide to restoring hardwood floors.


There was a time when hardwood flooring took a backseat to wall-to-wall carpeting. So that being the case, there was also a time when those carpets were being taken up, revealed some pretty unloved hardwood floors underneath. Even today, when people buy older homes, the hardwood floors they find have been equally abandoned, seemingly.

In all of these instances, the discovery of vintage hardwood flooring has been good news. The scope of work to bring it to life hasn’t always been, of course. So, what are some of the steps one can take to begin the process of bringing hardwood floors to life by restoring them?

Well, here’s an infographic based on a piece we published recently that helps you get your head around the business of hardwood flooring restoration.

BuildDirect_RestoreHardwoodFlooring_v1 copy

Have you recently discovered hardwood flooring in your space? What was your initial reaction?

What challenges have you faced when restoring wood flooring?

What are some of the ways you’ve helped to restore you hardwood floors that aren’t listed here?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.


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