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The Flooring Superhero’s Arsenal: The Pull-Bar!

Installing and caring for wood flooring is becoming a DIY job to a greater and greater degree, particularly a laminate or engineered hardwood floor.

But, as the old adage says, you need the right tools for the right job.  This has inspired a miniseries that is admittedly in conjunction with a new set of flooring accessory products about some of the tools and products you, as a flooring superhero, will find indispensable.

The first of which is the pull bar – a curious artifact to uninitiated, maybe. But, to you and your efforts in transforming your space with a new floor, it is like Luke Skywalker’s light sabre, Indiana Jones’ whip, and Macgyver’s, um, pack of chewing gum.

But, what is a pull-bar, really?  Take a look.

First of all, what is a pull bar?

Well, when you’re installing laminate floors, bamboo flooring, or an engineered floor, there will be times when you won’t have the room to tighten the boards, and close the gaps.  This may be because your too close to a wall, or you’re faced with a lack of wiggle room because of other spatial limitations.  When faced with this scenario, the flooring superhero turns to the pull-bar, or ‘pry bar’.

Take a look at this video, starring our Matt who is one of our resident flooring superheroes, that demonstrates how it’s used.

When it comes to choosing a pull bar, there are a number of sizes from which to choose.  Some are made to be more lightweight, and designed for the casual user who isn’t likely to use it every day, or for more than one job.   Also, for larger scale jobs, you can get pull bars that are more durable, and designed to be in the arsenal of the flooring superhero who installs flooring for a living, rather than just as a means of transforming his or her own space.

Further to this, a pull bar for a thicker, or more solid wood floor will be more durable still, since a thicker floor will require more force to tighten the gaps between boards.  So, the product you choose will determine which pull-bar you’ll need.  Be sure and ask your vendor which one to get.



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