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6 Low-Cost Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring

Many people have hardwood floors at the top of their wish lists. However, hardwood floors aren’t cheap, and not everyone can manage the hefty price tag.

Fortunately, there are budget-friendly options on the market for anyone who wants that beautiful hardwood look but doesn’t want to empty their bank account.

Hardwood Flooring Alternatives

Here are six low-cost alternatives to hardwood flooring that are perfect for the stylish, budget-conscious home builder or designer: 

1. Vinyl Flooring

Ensure the protection of your floors with waterproof and scratch-resistant vinyl planks. Featuring Vesdura Vinyl Planks Vigorous Collection in Rollright SKU: 15235045

If you’re searching for an authentic hardwood look at an affordable rate, vinyl plank flooring might be the perfect option for you. It’s water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who are wary about hardwood’s susceptibility to water damage. In fact, it’s actually better at sealing against water damage than both laminate and hardwood.

Some vinyl flooring options are even 100% waterproof. Coupled with its extra-long life, resistance to normal wear and tear, and maximum durability, vinyl is a favored flooring option for professional contractors everywhere. It also comes in various colors, styles, and patterns, making it an ideal choice for any design aesthetic.

2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Get the rustic look and feel of natural hardwood with engineered birch. Featuring Vanier Engineered Hardwood Birch Cosmopolitan Trendy Collection in Chestnut Birch Handscraped SKU: 10071577

This is as close to hardwood as you can get without actually choosing natural hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood is a multi-layered flooring innovation that delivers the look and feel of real hardwood without all the fuss.

It’s typically designed using three or more layers. The core layer consists of plywood, hardwood, or high-density fiber (HDF). The top layer is a hardwood veneer containing all the natural designs and characteristics of the wood species you’ve chosen for your floors.

Engineered hardwood comes in various colors, stains, and styles, and due to its low cost, high durability, and resistance to moisture and humidity, it’s the ideal option for any residential or commercial project.

3. Wood-Look Tile Flooring

Combine the look of hardwood with the durability of tile. Featuring Kaska Porcelain Tile Aztec Series in Brown SKU: 10082589

Many may not realize this, but ceramic and porcelain tile floors can be colored and designed to look exactly like hardwood floors. This is excellent news for any homeowner, builder, or DIYer on a budget because there’s nothing quite as reliable as tile flooring.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both durable, strong, easy to clean, and water-resistant. Porcelain tiles have such a low water absorption rate that they’re actually frost-resistant, as well.

Going with a wood-look tile flooring option is wise for several reasons. Tile floors don’t retain dust or allergens like other flooring options. They don’t absorb smoke, odors, or fumes, and they’re incredibly low maintenance, which means once you have them installed, you can rest easy knowing that you have reliable and beautiful floors that can last for decades. 

4. Laminate Flooring 

Affordability meets luxury with laminate flooring that perfectly resembles bandsawn hardwood. Featuring Lamton Laminate Pearl Leather Collection in Bandsawn Grigio SKU: 15170235

Laminate flooring is a solid favorite among professional installers and DIYers for several reasons. It’s a highly affordable material compared to other flooring options. It’s easy to install, which means that you’ll spend less on labor if you decide to hire an installer, and it’s durable and resistant against abrasions, impacts, foot traffic (including high heels), and pets.

Unlike hardwood flooring, it can be installed over any flooring surface and below grade, making it great for basements. If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly flooring option with the look and style of natural hardwood, laminate flooring might be the right choice for you.

5. Stone Floors

Create stark contrast in your home with luxurious and sophisticated black slate tiles. Featuring Cabot Slate Tile in Montauk Black Natural Cleft SKU: 10067077

Stone floors may not share the look and feel of hardwood, but they are comparable in many of the ways that matter most. Marble, granite, travertine, slate, and limestone are all flooring options that can elevate your home’s style and design.

Stone floors are stylish and sophisticated, but they’re also one of the most durable flooring options on the market. They’re naturally resistant to stains, moisture, and heavy foot traffic, making them perfectly suitable for indoor, outdoor, and below-grade installations.

From a design perspective, there are countless color variations, styles, and patterns to choose from, and while some stone flooring options may cost more than others, many are significantly less expensive than hardwood. 

6. Affordable Real Hardwood at Wholesale Prices

Customize the color and style of your hardwood floors with unfinished hickory. Featuring Tungston Hardwood Unfinished Hickory in Euro Character Unfinished SKU: 10083313

There’s a reason so many people want hardwood floors. Whether it’s the design appeal of natural hardwood or the fact that this flooring option has been around for centuries, hardwood is hard to beat. It’s not always the right choice for a builder on a budget, but there may be another option you should consider.

At BuildDirect, we offer discounted, wholesale hardwood flooring at highly competitive rates. We are committed to affordability, but we don’t let that affect our quality. Every product we offer is rigorously quality tested before we offer it to our customers. If you’re looking for unfinished or prefinished hardwood floors at wholesale prices, you’ve come to the right place.

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Get a Beautiful Floor

There’s no reason to break the bank trying to update your flooring. These six options prove that just because something’s affordable doesn’t mean it should look and feel inexpensive or out of style. Don’t compromise when it comes to your floors.

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