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Laminate Flooring for Kitchens

kitchen laminate flooring

Laminate flooring in kitchens is a popular choice for the modern home. Here are some ways to proceed in choosing laminate floors for your kitchen.


Everyone wants a durable and beautiful floor covering in the kitchen, and choosing laminate flooring for kitchens is the affordable way to have both. Laminates provide a durable surface in a room notorious for lots of activity. With children, pets, traffic, and the typical kitchen mishaps, durability is extremely important for most.

Choosing the right laminate floor for kitchens

Since kitchens are high traffic areas, you must choose a laminate rated for that type of wear. High traffic rated laminate has you covered with its durable construction. It comes in different thicknesses and with coatings that vary from extremely durable commercial to residential strength. Some have the pad already attached to each piece.

Warranties can vary from ten years to a lifetime. To ensure the validity of the warranty, you must adhere to the manufacturers care, maintenance, and installation instructions completely. Even with a warranty in place, there are typically certain issues that are outside of the warranty. Do read the documentation that comes with your flooring.

 kitchen floors laminate

Your kitchen is unique

Always consider the overall scheme of your kitchen, and if you plan on making any major changes in the coming years. If you do, it may be best to stay with a neutral color. Extreme colors, one way or another, may be difficult to adhere to with later kitchen designs you may implement in the future.

Kitchen styles change every few years, so keep that in mind. You may find you do not desire to change your kitchen for a long time, and you’re happy with bold colors either way. Your kitchen, your rules!

Follow the manufacturer’s specs when installing in kitchens

The installer must use any tools and materials for installation according the manufacturer’s specifications. This may include using certain adhesives, pad or film, tools for seating each piece properly, and specified gaps.

There is no sense installing your laminate flooring while not observing all manufacturers specifications. Doing so will void your warranty, and could create many headaches for you down the road

Take the installation advice of the professionals

An experienced professional installer knows about following specifications men. He or she can advise you about your final choice in laminate for kitchen floors. With their expertise, you can relax about the installation and focus on the myriad of styles and colors available to you.

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[This post was updated December, 2015]

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