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Flooring Superhero’s Arsenal: The Dry Mop

The next in the Flooring Superhero’s Arsenal series is something of an unsung accoutrement for making sure that your wood floors look as great years from now as they do today: the dry mop.

This point has been made a number of times, both here on this blog, and elsewhere.  Moisture is the arch enemy of the wood floor. Moisture causes your wood floor, which is a natural product, to absorb it and then to swell.

It may not happen in the same day that the moisture is introduced on to the surface of your wood flooring.  But over time it can be a disaster, particularly when the moisture seeps between the boards and gets underneath the flooring where you can’t get to it . This is where the real long-term and irreparable damage can occur.

A heavy, sloppy, soaked mop dragged across your new wood floors is not a good strategy in avoiding this scenario.

So, how does dry mopping help you to avoid untold damage to your floor?

The use of dry mops is widespread, particularly because wood flooring is becoming more and more a part of the modern home and office.  You can pick  up a dry mop as a part of a floor maintenance kit, or individually at the retail level, or buy them as accessories with your flooring order, if you’re buying online.

When you’re donning your flooring superhero cape, and incorporating a cleaning regimen for cleaning your hardwood floors, laminate flooring, or bamboo floor, a dry mop should be your primary weapon against the forces of evil – dust and grit, that is.  This elements not only impact air quality, but also affect the luster of your floor.

When it comes to cleaning a wood floor, you can lightly spray the head of the mop with a misting of warm water, or floor cleaner.  Make sure it doesn’t ever get more than damp if you choose to do things this way, though.  The point of this is to minimize moisture, after all.

Unlike a standard mop, the terry cloth heads of the mop can be removed and are machine washable.  Once you use them, put them in your hamper.  Easy.



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