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Discount Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is a durable, low-cost alternative to hardwood floors. With their versatility and natural-wood appearance, discount laminate floors are a solid choice for either a new construction home or for the remodel of an existing home.

Discount laminate floors are more affordable than hardwood floors and are more environmentally-friendly as well. Because very little actual wood product is used in the production of laminate flooring, few trees must be felled and more of the natural world can be left untouched. Laminate flooring is constructed of layers of moisture-resistant materials and high density fiberboard. A very detailed photograph gives laminate its wood-like appearance and a thick layer of a hard clear coat of cellulose protects the flooring and gives it an attractive sheen. This layer of protective cellulose makes the laminate floor virtually indestructible. It can survive pets, small children, floods, crowded family holidays and furniture being moved across its surface.

Laminate flooring is generally easier to maintain than hardwood floors. Discount laminate floors can easily be cleaned with a vacuum that has a wood-floor attachment or with a dust mop. This type of regular cleaning ensures that the laminate floor surface will sustain little damage and be able to be enjoyed for many years. For more thorough cleanings, most people will occasionally wet mop laminate floors. As long as excessive amounts of water are not used, this should be a relatively safe procedure. Most manufacturers of discount laminate floors do not recommend using a soap product to clean them. Instead, a simple solution of water and vinegar is considered best as it does not harm the flooring and produces a beautiful streak-free shine. It is also an economical alternative to expensive floor cleaners. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods. They may advise against procedures like steam cleaning and waxing, which may damage the laminate flooring.

A laminate floor is also easier to install than the conventional hardwood floor. In fact, most homeowners are able to install laminate floors themselves without having to go to the expense and difficulty of hiring a contractor. Laminate flooring is appropriate for almost any room in the home and it looks fabulous when paired with an attractive throw rug. Manufacturers will provide step-by-step instructions for installing their laminate floor panels, and these should be studied carefully. Essentially, the homeowner should ensure that the subfloor on which the laminate will be applied is smooth, dry and even. The installation begins with the underlayment, which is necessary for soundproofing purposes. Before laying the laminate panels, they should be allowed to acclimate to the room in which they will be installed. This should occur for a minimum of 48 hours before installation. After that, homeowners need only follow the manufacturer’s directions to successfully install their new discount laminate floors.

Laminate floors hold a number of advantages over traditional hardwood flooring. The first and most obvious advantage is the price. The initial investment required for laminate is only a fraction of that which is necessary for hardwood. In some cases, laminate flooring costs only half of what hardwood flooring does. Also, hardwood floors typically require professional installation, which can add a great deal to their price. Laminate can easily be installed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts, which saves money and provides a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, hardwood floors are notoriously prey to scratches and sun fading, two things which laminate flooring resists.

Discount laminate floors are an affordable, easy to install option for most homeowners. With their warm, attractive appearance and easy maintenance guidelines, it comes as no surprise that more homeowners are choosing to install laminate flooring.

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