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High Gloss Laminate Flooring

There is a misconception out there that laminate flooring isn’t a first-class floor, or that it can’t deliver that classy, high-end look that has the power to transform a room from drab to fab. Well, let’s lay that misconception to rest now. Even though it has come from humble beginnings as a secondary product to the countertop industry, it has evolved big time. One of the ways laminate flooring has evolved has been in the innovative ways that certain effects have been reproduced in the factory.

One of the more recent, and most popular is high gloss laminate flooring

So, what I’d like to do is talk about the kind of effects that high gloss laminate flooring can give you, and how you can come out ahead when it comes to installation, and the transformation of your space by investing in it.

Sometimes described as ‘piano finish’, the finish in question is really just another way of expressing the term high gloss. Laminate flooring is designed, as you may already know, to replicate a certain look.  And this is certainly a prime advantage here. Many real wood surfaces provide this look in high-end restaurants, hotels, and boutiques. What high gloss laminate flooring allows is this same effect,  along with a more straight-forward installation process, and an easy-to-clean surface when you’re done.

These days, getting the look you want in a flooring surface is tougher than it once was for many people due to budgetary considerations.  But, high gloss laminate flooring puts that high-end, refined look within the reach of the average homeowner.  That’s really the beauty of this product all around; it provides choice, and expands the possibilities for any interior.  A whole world of floor surfaces are open to you because of this kind of forward-thinking, customer focused innovation.

Whatever floor you decide on, enjoy your new floor!

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