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Should I Glue or Should I Float??

Hi all,

Customers often ask that I weigh the pros and cons of gluing down of floating over a concrete sub floor. So here we go….

Glue Down: A glue down installation is generally considered a more tedious method of installing a floor.

1) Keep in mind you are dealing with multiple gallon pails of adhesive. It’s can get very messy, very quickly.

2) It’s unforgiving. Improperly placed boards are tough to remove and can add a lot of work.

3) Many adhesives contain VOCs (though low VOC products are now available)

4) Quality adhesives¬† can be surprisingly expensive, and it’s not a product you should consider going low end.

Floating: A floating floor installation seems to be the DIYers method of choice.

1) Relatively easy install with either a click and lock method or small amounts or adhesive with a traditional tongue and groove install.

2) Pretty forgiving as improperly installed boards can be removed with relative ease.

3) No or far less adhesive is necessary, therefore no unnecessary VOCs.

4) A two-in-one underlayment is necessary but far less expensive than adhesive.

5) One complaint I hear is that some customers find a floated floor has too much ‘give’, attributable to the foam underlay. Glue down is the only way to avoid this with certainty.

Anyone out there installed a floor in either of these methods and want to give their 2 cents??



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