Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinued

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Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinued In 1996, U.S. based Wilsonart shipped its first shipment of laminate flooring. One year earlier, Wilsonart International purchased a 140 thousand square foot building on 15.5 acres of land in Temple, Texas as the site for its flooring manufacturing plant. On August 16, 2010, an announcement was posted on wilsonart flooring.com that the last day of manufacturing of Wilsonart laminate flooring would occur on October 29, 2010. On December 3, 2010 the Wilsonart laminate flooring office and plant on Center St. in Temple, Texas will close its doors and discontinue business.

Having produced high pressure laminate products since the 1950′s, this global industrial corporation began as Ralph Wilson Plastics Company in Temple. Like many retirees, Mr. Wilson, a former executive in the laminate industry, set out simply to fill his time. Dedicated employees, coupled with a commitment to excellence in manufacturing and customer satisfaction, resulted in rapid growth throughout the 60′s and 70′s. Expansion within the United States in the 1980′s and 1990′s, then international acquisitions in Asia and Europe grew Wilsonart into a $10 billion manufacturer and distributor. As of this writing, Wilsonart, a business unit of Illinois Tool Works, Inc., is comprised of Wilsonart Laminate, Wilsonart Adhesives, Wilsonart Solid Surface, Wilsonart Flooring and Wilsonart International.

Laminate flooring was born out of the laminate countertop business. It seems a natural progression that an inexpensive, waterproof, dent and scratch resistant product available in an array of colors and patterns would find its way from the countertop to the floor. Having blossomed from humble beginnings in Europe during the 1960′s, laminate flooring would not find its niche in the United States until the 1980′s.

Wilsonart laminate flooring is offered in woodgrains to simulate hardwood flooring and in tiles with a subtle mottled effect that mimic a variety of materials including stone, slate and porcelain. Wilsonart touts itself as the exclusive manufacturer of high pressure laminates and promises that its HPL construction produces a higher quality product than that sold by their competitors. The company is confident enough in its engineering and quality to offer a twenty year warranty on many of its residential flooring products.

In keeping with the ‘green’ movement, Wilsonart Flooring uses recycled and rapidly renewable wood products in their woodgrain lamination process. This company’s floors are also certified as Low Emitting Materials, meeting standards for indoor air quality.

In 2007, Wilsonart received the certification seal from NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association). Manufacturers awarded the NALFA seal meet or exceed standards for impact, light, stain and wear resistance, along with passing other performance requirements.

On August 10, 2010 Wilsonart International issued a press release stating that “due to the sluggish U.S. economy and declines in sales of high pressure laminate flooring,” it would discontinue its flooring line. The press release cited that “Wilsonart flooring competes for consumer preference not only with other laminate floor products, but also with alternative products such as: wood, vinyl, tile, carpet and more.” It goes on to explain that Wilsonart’s high pressure lamination process requires a higher price point than other laminate flooring products, and that the current economy has forced consumers to opt for less expensive alternatives.

Wilsonart International promises to honor current warranties on all Wilsonart laminate flooring products sold through the end of 2011. The company has stated that they will continue to stand behind their products.

BD 486x60 Samples Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinued

pinterest Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinuedstumbleupon Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinuedwordpress Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinuedyahoo Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinuedemail Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinuedshare save 120 16 Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Discontinued


  1. Chuck Hahn says:

    I am in need of 1 box of Wilsonart Aged Timber W9000011. Anybody have some? Pleas email chahn@cfl.rr.com

  2. Casey Cline says:

    I’m in need of 3 boxes of treasure wood w30000036 for my home -HELP!

  3. Holly Buckmaster says:


    I purchased my flooring in 2008/2009 and it is Golden Oak. My house flooded and need to get replacement from the insurance company and can’t find a single receipt of my purchase and how much I paid back then. Does anybody have a receipt from that time period that would show an amount that they paid for any Wilsonart flooring? It wasn’t cheap and I want to try to get compenstated accordingly. You can email me at hollyality@aol.com if you can answer my question or request.

  4. Rafael Cervantes says:


    I’m looking for 300 sq. ft. of Wilsonart Cherry Rose laminate flooring. Please let me know if anyone knows where I can find it.

    Thank you.

    • Ann says:

      Have you been successful in finding Wilsonart Cherry Rose laminate flooring? I am looking for 85- 100 Sq ft.

  5. ed cicero says:

    I am looking for 100 sq feet of Wisonart Harvest Oak Would be happy to get 2 boxes

  6. jenny holland says:

    Need burel fossil wilsonart flooring. Email at tjholland@knology.net

  7. Anne Bezek says:

    Desperately looking for WilsonArt Laminate flooring in Harvest Oak 3000033. Need about 200 sf. Please email me ASAP!

  8. Julie says:

    I am looking for around 200 sq. ft of Wilsonart Cottage Oak.

    • Jim says:

      I have about 150 sq ft of Cottage Oak available it is USED but in good condition. I removed an 11′ X 15′ dining area.

      • John K says:

        Hi Jim, I can use about 20 sq ft (8 full planks) of it… if you can ship to Oregon. I’d pay for shipping (Fedex Ground). If interested, please call or text 541 two86 five546. Thanks.

  9. Michael says:

    I am looking for wilsonart laminate flooring pueblo stone. Thanks

  10. charlotte adams says:

    I am looking for 60 square feet of Oakwood W3000041…if anyone know where to find discontinued product please forward the information.

  11. Judy says:

    I am looking for 60 square feet of Wilsonart Lyric Maple laminate flooring W2000224. If anyone has an idea where to find this product, please let me know.

  12. Dale Weber says:

    I’m looking for 1-2 boxes of Wilsonart Cafe Milan #W3000164 15.45 x 15.45 inch tiles. These are a travertine looking tiles. Please contact me if you have any available.

  13. Casey Cline says:

    Hello BuildDirect Nation,

    I am looking for Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Treasurewood (3000036). Could use a few boxes so my wife is happy :-)

  14. ron panaccione says:

    I need about 50 – 100 sq. ft. of wilsonart Verdi W3000090.

  15. ron panaccione says:

    Need about 50 – 100 sq. ft. wilsonart Verdi tap-n-lock w3000090 – 732-604-3634


  16. LAURA SHEPHERD says:

    I need a stair tread. My broke when my son fell on the stairs. The color is Harvest Oak. I have to admit I am disappointed that Wilson Art cannot help me. I spent a lot of money on having my stairs and kitchen/dining room done.

  17. Kim says:

    Looking for two boxes of Wilsonart w3000033 harvest oak or have 10 boxes for sale! Email kjvalbracht@yahoo.com

  18. david steen says:

    looking for wilsonart liberty oak flooring W3000052 also on CL in st.cloud minn somebody is selling some used wilsonart flooring

  19. al gulite says:

    I am looking for wilsonart flooring pueblo stone 300096

  20. Nicole Jett says:

    I am looking for 3-5 boxes of Wilson Art El Dorado W2000228. Whatever, anybody has May be helpful.

  21. Jim says:

    I have approximately 150 sq ft of USED BUT GREAT CONDITION Cottage Oak available. i am replacing all my floors and have just removed an 11′ X 15′ dining area. I laid the Cottage Oak in 2005. It came apart in good shape.
    if interested — make an offer

  22. Steve Apling says:

    I am looking for Wilsonart flooring Santao Rosewood W3000204. Please email if any is available.

  23. Roberto says:

    Need 15-18 boxes of the Wilsonart Burled Cherry 3000165. Thank you!

  24. Dee Wood says:

    looking for wilsonart flooring, light rustic oak
    Thank you.

  25. Andrew says:

    I’m looking for 2 boxes of Wilsonart American Oak. I just learned this has been discontinued…please reply if you have some of know of anywhere that might. Thanks!

    • Lynn says:

      Looking for five boxes of Wilsonart Cobblestone laminate flooring. So thankful if anyone has some. Many thanks!

  26. Monty says:

    Looking for 1 box – 20 sq. ft. WILW3000060 Authentic Maple. Please email if any available. Thank you.

  27. Pastor Jenkins says:

    Looking for 7 boxes of Royal walnut to complete church Wilsonart -W3000201. Please email me. Blessings

  28. Kaleigh Lane says:

    Looking for 4 boxes of Wilsonart FLooring Harvest Oak. kaleighrlane@yahoo.com Thank you!

  29. JRS says:

    Have 15 tiles of used (GOOD CONDITION) Burel Fossil W3000093. I removed and came up well. Have several partial tiles thrown in for free (good for fitting around wall). Am in Houston – make an offer

  30. JRS says:

    Sorry, have 30 tiles (2 boxes) of Burel Fossil W3000093

  31. JRS says:

    If interested, contact me at millerbk2002@yahoo.com

  32. Glenda Nance says:

    We are desperately looking for large amount of Wilsonart Founders Oak w3000200 or w2000225. Need anywhere from two to five rooms of flooring to match up with rest of house. We are in San Diego, Ca.

  33. Lee says:

    Need 80 sq. ft + of Wilsonart Laminate Flooring in Brown Oak W3000111. Respond to Email

  34. Maxine says:

    I need 100 sq.ft. of Wilsonart Laminate flooring in Oakwood 2042. Please contact me. Thank you.

  35. Dolores Daringer says:

    I need two boxes or any partial quantity of that amount of Northern Birch Wilsonart Laminate Flooring

  36. Sharon says:

    Looking for 2 boxes of the Wilsonart Estate Plus Hazlenut Birch… W3000058
    Thank for your help!!

  37. Noreen says:

    Hello. I am looking for two boxes of Wilsonart flooring “Maple Sand”. I would even consider something close in color. it will be going under a bathroom vanity.

    • Hank says:

      Hi Noreen,

      We have 3 plus a partial box of Maple Sand (W3000035) in Phoenix, AZ for sale. They are new in box except for the 4th box which is opened/partially used. Please contact us if interested. Thank you!

  38. Sherry D says:

    I am looking for one box of Wilsonart Duolink in Berwick Oak.

  39. Lindsey says:

    I am looking for four boxes of Wilsonart Laminate flooring called FRONTIER PINE. Thank you for any help!!!

  40. G Boerema says:

    Would like to purchase one box (only 6 tiles needed) of Wilsonart laminate Burel Fossil laminate tiles. W3000093. Call or text 630-988-4828 please if you have some.

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