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pinterest Home Office Design Ideasshare save 120 16 Home Office Design Ideas

Telecommuting is getting popular. It saves energy by eliminating travel to and from an office. Many jobs can be done from home these days, and I have stumbled across websites dedicated to telecommuting job listings.

Home office with clock Home Office Design Ideas

Working at home means having an office that is suited to your house and personal needs. It also needs to be organized with little clutter and good storage. A smooth working office is good for productivity, creativity and your energy level.

Home office design ideas that bring out your personality

Let your personality show through in your workspace, but don’t let it be distracting, especially if you have clients coming in. The décor should complement your home décor, yet display your brand at the same time. Colors should be calming and neutral, and the room or area should be well lit. A desk lamp, an overhead light and a floor lamp should be used in conjunction with natural lighting to reduce eye strain.

If you are short of space, put the desk up against a wall. If you have clients, they can sit in a chair next to the desk. Storage can go above your desk to save floor space. If you are blessed with a large room, you can have your back to the wall, and clients can sit on the other side of your desk. This has a very traditional feel to it.

Gear your home office design to your needs

Separate your office from family activities and house sounds. Noise reduction means stress reduction, which in turn means higher productivity. Bringing nature into the room with view windows and interior plants also reduces stress.

Make sure your furniture fits your body. Spend the money for an ergonomic chair, and be sure the sight distances to your computer screen do not stress your body.

Here is some inspiration for your home office. The rules get broken, but I think the main guideline is to make your workspace suitable for YOU.

The OfficePOD – This is an eco-friendly, prefab outdoor office.

Country – I love the desk up against the window overlooking the garden. The furniture adds to the rustic feel.

Portable – A rolling trunk on its side provides plenty of work space with the added benefit of setting up shop anywhere!

Yellow – The brightness of this room brings me pure joy. Who wouldn’t want to work in here?

Contemporary – The simplicity of the horizontal lines of this desk puts me at ease.

For more ideas, see other designs on my Home Office Ideas Pinterest board.

Make your home office professional looking, but don’t forget to express yourself at the same time. Have fun! And get to work!

pinterest Home Office Design Ideasshare save 120 16 Home Office Design Ideas


  1. Angie says:

    I just had my home office built by Backyard Rooms
    and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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