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Home Decorating With White Pumpkins

Incorporating white pumpkins into your decor gives your display a crisp, simplistic, and sophisticated aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong – I love COLOR. But sometimes a more monotone composition can be just as beautiful.  Whether on your mantel, table, or door, white pumpkins bring an organic and natural appeal to any presentation.

White Pumpkins On the Door

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Whether real or faux, white pumpkins provide a fresh and crisp beauty.  Similar to the array of orange pumpkins, white pumpkins are avilable in a variety of different sizes and different (white) hues.  The wreaths on the doors in the images above and below are gorgeously paired with natural colored berries, feathers, moss, and other elements from nature – just gorgeous!

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White is such a classic color and adding this style pumpkin to any setting, makes them pop amongst other included hues!  When using white pumpkins, color and texture can still be introduced in other ways.  In this porch scene, the white pumpkins are paired with vibrant orange mums and are a beautiful contrast to the background of the brick steps.

White Pumpkins on the Table

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White pumpkins displayed as a grouping on a table, is a beautiful way to create a centerpiece for the Fall season.  These pumpkins have some coloring of orange in them, and are stylishly arranged using white ceramics and milk glass of varying heights.  When putting together any arrangement, adding depth and height is important to create an interesting and intriguing composition.

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If the pumpkins you choose are of a larger size, find some that are of varying heights and sizes that can be arranged in a simple cluster.  If you can’t find white pumpkins, spray paint them using an off white hue like I did for my mantel.

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White pumpkins make for an elegant Thanksgiving table.  I’m a huge fan of color, but there is something so regal and sophisticated about this tone-on-tone setting.

White Pumpkins on the Mantel

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Pairing white pumpkins with other white decor gives a serene and beautiful focal point for a fireplace mantel.  Again, using candle sticks to vary the heights, along with pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, results in a gorgeous composition.  This mantel also dons white pumpkins of different textures, which adds more intrirgue and depth. The ceramic owls are an adorable addition too!

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Adding embellishments onto white pumpkins is a fun way to incorporate drama to a fireplace mantel.  These pumpkins were “dressed up” with simple black zig-zag patterned ribbon that can easily be added using hot glue.  What an adorable way to add alittle fun to your decor!

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Simplicity is beauty!  This tone-on-tone mantel has a very minimal aesthetic, but feels so bright and invigorating.

White Pumpkins around the House

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Using an old, distressed chair is a beautiful way to display organic white pumpkins.

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More embellishing – these are adorable! Using thumbtacks or other embellishments can had a fun style to ordinary white pumpkins.


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Using a gorgeous, ornately design bowl can be a beautiful backdrop to a grouping of fresh white pumpkins.

Do you decorate for Fall and/or Halloween?  Do you favor white pumpkins or the traditional orange hued style?

All autumn pumpkin images pinned by Jenna on Pinterest.

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  1. Debbie~refreshrestyle Reply to Debbie~refreshrestyle

    How exciting to see my door decor in the 2nd picture! I loved making it with white spray painted pumpkins! I was actually inspired by the first door from

    I love white pumpkins!

  2. This idea seems so bizarre, I never knew you could change to look of your home with the addition of pumpkins. My wife and I recently got a house valuation for the property we’re about to sell but have been told that we need to add a few homely touches to help it sell better. This seems like it could be a pretty inspirational blog article.

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